Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Pujan Pandey telling Suman that he never allow himself stain and says the arena will no longer exchange with your mistake, i can cease your mistake and will make it history. Suman asks what you’ll do? Pujan Pandey receives water within the dust pot and places water on her head. She shouts Badal. Badal reaches there and hears her screams. He is ready to come interior, but someone stops him. Suman sits down shattered and asks do you suspect that family members quit this way. She cries badly. Pujan says relation and Badal each will quit. He says this female married him, had relation along with her and ran away. He asks Rukmani if she knew that Suman has relation with that guy. Rukmani nods no. Pujan Pandey says you’re susceptible and couldn’t parent out, so you need to endure the punishment for the equal. He asks her to wipe sindoor from Suman’s maang.

Rukmani takes her saree pallu to wipe sindoor from Suman’s hairline. Suman asks her not to do this. Pujan Pandey smiles and asks everybody to be alerted and behave as if nothing passed off. He asks why did you name Shashi and informed about your place. He asks will you tell me, or shall I ask Shashi. Suman receives tensed.

Kamal and Ashok tell Badal that his father Mohan needs surgical treatment and that’s why they added him here. Badal asks him to call Pallavi and asks her to visit suman’s house. Ashok asks him to trade his garments and offers the bag.

Pujan Pandey comes to Shashi with Suman and Rukmani and asks did you assist her to elope. Shashi says no. Pujan Pandey asks why did you call chote chachi and asks if she helped you to elope. Suman cries and nods no. Shashi takes a sigh of remedy. Lakhan says Arjun has come.

Pujan Pandey asks Lakhan to invite Chandrama to deal with him. He then asks Suman to go to her room and get ready. He says i’m doing this for your betterment. Suman says i will no longer meet Arjun. Pujan asks Rukmani to make her ready in 10 mins, says i’m hoping you could do this.

Pujan Pandey comes out and folds his hand before Arjun. Arjun says you are calling me beta and folded your palms. He says you aren’t agreeing to me and says I requested you now not to take strain. Pujan says i am feeling shy and apologizes, saying I lied to you. He says reality is that Suman had left home. He says i was doing a father’s responsibility and turned into looking to make her lifestyles better. He says it’s far dad and mom’ responsibility to convey the kids on proper route. He asks him no longer to cancel marriage. Arjun says no uncle, I cannot pass beforehand and may’t try this marriage. Pujan Pandey is stunned.

Badal comes to Mohan’s ward. Chatura says they have beaten you so badly and cries. Badal says we ought to reflect onconsideration on Papa. He feels apologetic to Suman and thinks he can’t move. Guddi says she will get rakhi and could tie him. Badal says i’m able to satisfy all my duties of a son, brother and …..Arjun tells that he can’t marry. Pujan says Suman became provoked. Arjun says in case you aren’t being attentive to me then why shall I. Pujan folds his hand. Arjun says I asked you not to take stress then why you take stress. He says i will no longer spoil this alliance, however have to meet her to take a very last choice.

Rukmani comes and says Suman is ill. Arjun says I shall test her and takes Pujan’s permission. Suman cries and thinks of Badal. Naina music performs…..She imagines Badal coming there and says you have come, but virtually Arjun comes there. Suman walks near him thinking him to be Badal and faints. Arjun holds her and calls her call. he is taking her to mattress and keeps moist material on her brow. He smiles. Suman holds his hand and calls him Badal and asks him now not to depart her. Arjun thinks badal will go faraway from your lifestyles due to my love.

doctor tells Badal that he can donate his kidney to Mohan. Badal asks about the charges. He says 3-4 lakhs. Badal receives shocked. Arjun comes out and gives prescription to Rukmani. He says she is having fever and asks Pujan Pandey to make preparations of engagement. Pujan Pandey gets glad and hugs him. He swears now not to let anybody do the mistake.

Precap: Inspector involves health center and arrests Badal. Chatura comes to the police station and asks why did you arrest my son. Constable says we didn’t arrest your son. Chatura gets involved for badal.


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