Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Rama telling Pujan Pandey that Suman didn’t do a big mistake that they are able to’t rectify. Pujan Pandey asks her to prevent it else he will punish her. He says we did a massive mistake and was now not regarded about what’s taking place. He says Rukmani wasn’t aware about it. He says i will now not rectify the error, but will pluck it out from its roots. He asks Lakhan to lock Suman in room and keep eye on her. Suman says you may’t do that. Pujan Pandey says you don’t understand what i will do and says I pray that such time don’t come. Suman cries and asks Lakhan to go away her. Rukmani issues for Suman and thinks Pujan Pandey will break the whole thing. Later Badal is consuming wine. Ashok tries to stop him and asks for the reason that when you have end up vulnerable. Badal remembers Pujan Pandey insulting him badly and breaks the bottle. Ashok says if Chachi involves recognise then she will be able to scold us. Badal is going domestic under the influence of alcohol. His mum scolds him. Badal says i used to be with Ashok. His mum scolds him and says don’t realize you have got turn out to be devdas in whose love. Guddi comes and asks what took place? mother says don’t recognize why he got drunk? He goes within the house and makes his father have the tablets. She asks from in which we can get the money in your father’s treatment. Badal says I recognize my duty and is going out. Guddi comes to her and asks what befell. Badal says the whole thing ended, Suman is getting married, however I gained’t allow her marriage take place.

Pujan Pandey gives gun to Lakhan and says you already know what to do. Lakhan touches his feet and is going. Rukmani comes there and is stunned. Pujan Pandey asks why did you get shock, why there is a query mark in your face. He says what do you observed that i can leave that guy, who entered my daughter’s room and dared to like her. He says that guy is gone. Rukmani recalls Suman telling that he’s her husband and asks him to go away him. She says if suman comes to recognize then. Pujan Pandey says Suman will not know and says that guy will not see the following day’s sun.

inside the morning, Suman involves Badal’s residence and see his circle of relatives mourning for his demise. She shouts Badal seeing his dead body. It turns out to be her awful dream. She tells herself that it become her terrible dream. Shashi comes there and asks did you see awful dream? She says you turned into innocent and stupid too. She says you informed your Bau ji about Badal and the end result will be his loss of life. She asks her to elope with Badal if she desires to see him alive.

Kamal involves badal and asks him to move. Badal asks him no longer to offer him stupid concept. Kamal says Lakhan Pandey and his men are looking you and asks him to take his own family with him. Suman asks Shashi if this is her game plan. Shashi says i’m now not your enemy. Suman says Bau ji loves me loads and he’ll be given badal too. Shashi says you don’t recognise him and gives CD asking her to look what befell in Shukla’s son marriage. Suman places the CD and sees Pujan Pandey and Lakhan capturing the bride, groom and the guests. Suman says this isn’t always real. Shashi says your father isn’t always devta, but a dangerous man. She tells her that he’s going to never recognize your love and says what do you believe you studied that Shukla’s case changed into first or ultimate and says as a ways as I realize them, Lakhan need to have went to kill Badal and her family. Suman is taken aback. Badal sends his circle of relatives with Ashok, his mum refuses to go though.

Lakhan and his guys input the residence to do the shoot out. He reveals badal’s blood on floor and says shall we see outside. Badal is hiding under the mattress and is derived out. He attempts to take the glass piece from his ft. Lakhan pursuits gun at him. Shashi tells Suman that death is reaching Badal and asks her to just accept the truth. Suman is greatly surprised. Lakhan laughs. Badal’s mum comes there and asks what are you doing? Lakhan says whom to kill first, what will be greater fun. His mum asks what wrong did he do and asks if he isn’t always happy after snatching her husband’s process. Lakhan shouts at her and tells her that he is after their daughter. Badal’s mum asks him to tell if her dream and his obligation closer to them subjects to him or that lady. Lakhan asks him to not to dare to take Suman’s name.

Precap: Badal asks Lakhan’s guy to tell Pujan Pandey that he’ll now not go away Lakhan till he gets assurance that not anything will occur to his circle of relatives. Pujan pandey says badal is gone. Suman picks the gun shockingly. Badal’s mother asks him to pick between Suman and them.


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