Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Pujan Pandey asking Suman with whom she is speakme to? simply then Badal’s name comes. Pujan Pandey asks who is calling now? Suman says Brijesh from banaras. Pujan Pandey asks if this is the time to call you. Suman says i can no longer pick out the decision. Pujan Pandey says adequate and asks her to keep distance from Anjali and says she is not right girl. He says you are my delight and mirrored image of my values. He asks her to have just expert relation with Badal. Suman says he is a good man. Pujan Pandey asks her in no way to interrupt his believe. Suman says she will be able to in no way break his consider and thinks you will feel happy with my choice as Badal goes to be a large guy. Rukmani tells Suman that she don’t need to go without her. Suman asks her to take her kundali together with her. Shashi says Suman is right. They leave. Shashi asks Anjali to sit down in different automobile and asks her to get ready with proofs. Suman calls Pallavi and offers her off. Pujan Pandey sees Anjali going inside the residence. Anjali says Suman desires me. Pujan Pandey says she don’t want you, makes her take a seat in vehicle and depart. He thinks to inform Shashi to send her lower back.

Badal calls Suman and thinks why nobody is at domestic. Suman comes wearing saree and sindoor. She asks why he came overdue. Badal gets amazed. She asks what happened? Badal says he’s lost in his spouse’s splendor. Suman seems at her. Jaat na poocho ji prem ki plays…

Rukmani, Rama and Shashi come to meet Pandit ji. Rukmani asks Pandit ji to inform her daughter’s destiny and her married life. Badal asks her to go and exchange her garments earlier than every body sees them. Suman gets disenchanted for spoiling romance. Pandit ji asks Rama to take a heavy breath as she has hiccups. Anjali comes there. Shashi scolds her for coming there and asks her to move domestic, and catch them. Anjali is going. Shashi tells that Anjali forgot her kundali at home and went to take it from domestic. Pandit ji tests Suman’s kundali and says she could be very irritated, however have a soft coronary heart. He says she has a good relation together with her father, but it’s miles a curse for her. Rukmani asks what do you mean? Pandit ji says your daughter is married.

Suman signs and symptoms Badal to fill her maang with sindoor and romantically turns so that he fills her maang with sindoor. Rukmani says she isn’t always married and asks him to inform the mahurat. Pandit ji says in line with kundali, she is married. Suman pushes tensed Badal at the couch and tries to romance with him. Ang lagade re….plays….Badal signs and symptoms her to move and adjustments her clothes. She dances with him and kisses on his cheeks. Badal lifts her and asks her to stop it, says they have got lot of work to do. Suman says paintings is my sautan. Badal says we shall no longer take benefit of loneliness and says they will be caught crimson exceeded. Suman says she can convey breakfast for him. Badal says Anjali is Rahu in our lives and says I sense that we are left at home to get caught. She asks him to loosen up and drink tea. Badal asks if she isn’t knowledge that it can be trap for them. Suman asks why did you scold me, says she sent own family to spend sometime with her. She runs to room to trade.

Badal knocks at the door and asks her to open the door. He says i’m afraid that someone may see us. He asks her to open the door. Suman opens the door and springs out. She comes carrying the standard salwar kameez. He apologizes and holds her. Suman forgives him. simply then a vase falls down. Suman asks who’s right here? Anjali is hiding in the back of the couch and receives up. Suman and Badal come there and trap her. Suman asks what you are doing here, spying on me. Anjali says i’m right here on the proper time and says you both are having an affair, i will divulge you both. Suman asks for her smartphone. Anjali says i will not give. Badal stops her. suman snatches phone from her hand and tests her cellphone. Suman couldn’t find anything in her cell. Anjali says I have no interest to click on your %. She says my eyes noticed the whole thing. Suman says the day before today Bau ji got here to me and asked me not to talk to you. She asks her to p.c. her stuff. Anjali says shall we see who goes out from here.

Precap: Anjali shows Suman and Badal’s dancing recording to Pujan pandey. Suman and badal are bowled over.


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