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Suman embraces him and grins. Badal goes to Suman’s home. Suman asks what are you doing here, on the off chance that anybody sees you here. Badal embraces her. Suman says she has set her arrangement to meet him every day and says she will set up NGO. Badal asks how? Suman says I will employ you for the NGO work and Bau ji will get awe with you. Badal grins. Rukmani calls her. Badal says he will go. Suman says no, it is unsafe. Badal embraces her and requests that her go. Rukmani goes to her room. Badal is still in her room.

Rukmani asks where is she going? Suman says you called me. Rukmani says I will do my work without anyone else. Suman says I will take every necessary step. Rukmani says you handle your work, I will deal with my home. The vase tumbles down with badal’s hand. Rukmani comes inside and don’t see badal. She takes the achhar bottle. Suman embraces her and says she will do family unit tasks. Badal considers her and tells that he is returning home.

Suman comes to Sevak Tola to open her NGO. Rukmani is available to come back to work and requests that her arrival quick. Suman says she wanted work. Badal’s companions welcome her and takes her to demonstrate Sevak told neighborhood. Suman meets the old woman and takes her favors. Badal’s companions acquaint badal with Suman. Suman asks will you help me in the NGO work. His companions requests that he help her. Pujan Pandey returns home and calls Suman. He says he carried melodic CDS and needs to her with Suman. Rukmani says she went to Sevak Tola with respect to her NGO work. Shashi comes and says Suman said that you gave her authorization. Pujan pandey says yes and advises that he advised her to indicate introduction first.

Badal asks Suman for what good reason didn’t you educate me that you are coming. Guddi comes infront of them. Badal presents them. The neighbors ask Suman to meet Amit. Badal says he is our neta and says we will meet him. Lakhan comes to Pujan Pandey and inquires as to for what reason did you license Suman to work in Sevak tola. Pujan Pandey stops the music and tells that in the event that I have given her authorization, at that point more likely than not suspected previously. He says I know whom she will meet and what work she will do. He says she has my sanskar and will advance my qualities there.

Amit discloses to Suman that it is a miracle to see Pujan Pandey’s little girl here. Suman says she is beginning a NGO. Amit inquires as to whether he knows her from previously. Badal says I just met her now. Amit says you have picked the correct person for your NGO work and offers assistance. He takes a gander at Suman and Badal.

Guddi returns home and advises that Suman Pandey came to basti and asked Bhaiyya to support her. Her mum blows up. Badal asks Suman to go to his home. His mum turns out. Suman grins. Badal says she is Suman Pandey ji. His mum says I know and asks what she needs to do. Suman says she thought to make Badal as her counsel. His mum says Badal will think and let you know. She requests that he come inside. Suman says I will call you and shake hand with him. Badal heads inside and asks his mum for what good reason did she carry on along these lines. His mum says Suman’s dad grabbed my significant other’s activity. Badal is stunned.

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