Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Chandrama telling Pujan Pandey that he got the guestrooms wiped clean for Arjun and his family. Pujan says Arjun and Suman shall meet first. Lakhan says Suman isn’t always in her room. Rukmani receives worried. Lakhan says I came here with issue and asks him to return. Pujan Pandey scolds Rukmani and Rama for no longer preserving eye on her. Chandrama receives Arjun’s mother’s call and offers to Pujan. Chatura pushes Suman and asks her to leave. Badal stops her. Chatura blames Suman for ruining their happiness. Mohan Ram says badal is similarly accountable and asks Badal and Suman to leave. Badal says Pujan Pandey’s people will not leave you. Mohan Ram says they’ll now not damage us and asks him to head. Badal’s buddies tell that they may shield his circle of relatives. Mohan asks Badal to leave with his spouse speedy. Chatura asks him not to concentrate to his father. Badal says Suman is my obligation and you didn’t educate me a way to go into reverse. He says i’m able to return soon and could be best. He holds Suman’s hand. Chatura threatens to burn Suman alive if some thing occurs to Badal. Mohan says not anything will appear and asks him to head. Guddi hugs them. Badal asks her to attend to Papa and walks out with Suman. Chatura and Guddi cry. Chandrama asks Pujan shall I cancel their go to. Pujan Pandey asks him to welcome them and maintain them busy in talks, says he’ll are available someday. Badal and Suman go away on bike. Lakhan’s automobile stops because of the sheeps crossing avenue. Badal and Suman reach there and forestall the motorcycle. Pujan is about to see him. Suman covers her face and head. Lakhan, Pujan Pandey and others move. Suman asks did you see them? Badal says sure, they are going to my house and worries about his own family. Badal says we will see what to do.

Pujan Pandey comes to Badal’s house and sees Mohan Ram. He remembers and says in order that rat is your son. He says I got you fired from your process and that’s why you need to take revenge from me. Mohan says it’s far future that your daughter and my son love each different and you have to face failure for the first time due to your daughter. Pujan Pandey says you will die at my palms and calls Suman. He signs his goons to look in rooms. Chatura says you can’t deal with your daughter and asking us. She says your daughter got here to our residence and pleading infront of you to elope with her. She says your sister provoked him and took him along with her and asks him to ask Lakhan. Pujan Pandey slaps Mohan Ram. Lakhan takes Guddi from inside and says she is badal’s sister.

Pujan Pandey asks Mohan where are they? Mohan says we don’t realize. Pujan asks Lakhan to burn them and is derived out. Badal’s pals come there with Sevaktola people and inform Pujan Pandey that if some thing takes place to badal’s family then they’ll not depart them. Chatura comes out and asks Pujan to think what’s going to show up with Suman if some thing takes place to them. Pujan Pandey asks Lakhan to return. Guddi calls Badal and tells him that Pujan Pandey can’t do some thing. She asks him to throw his simcard else he could be traced. Badal ends the decision and throws the simcard. he takes Suman to have food and asks her to eat and listen her to pay attention to him. Suman and badal make every different have food. tune performs….Badal holds her face. She cries and hugs him. Piya re performs…..She sees Pujan’s goons coming there and searching her displaying her %. Badal hides her face with Pallu and that they leave. Goons are about to look her.

Lakhan tells Pujan Pandey that Chandrama known as and said that Arjun and his circle of relatives came. Lakhan falls on his feet and says I did a mistake to depart her there. Pujan asks him to search her and says Suman will be determined. Badal and Suman see the police checking and preventing the cars. Badal says they shall conceal their face. They see Pujan’s guys there. She sees Inspector who is with Pujan and receives shocked. Constable stops Badal from turning the bike and tests the pics. She asks them to show their faces.

Precap: Pujan’s goons beat Badal. Suman records her video and asks someone to help her.


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