Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Suman and Badal stop in the wake of running for some time. Suman checks badal and says you are harmed and is having fever too. She says gives up to medical clinic. He says we can’t go now and says I will oversee. Suman reprimands herself for placing him in peril. She says I run off with nothing more than a bad memory plan, cash and safe house. She says today you was going to kick the bucket and I would have lost my regard. Badal requests that what do, will we return home. Suman says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Lakhan comes to there and sees the goons gravely beaten by badal. He asks the goon where are they? Goon says we don’t have the foggiest idea.

Suman and badal go to a facility. She requests that specialist treat him. Specialist inquires as to why you are concealing your face and asks what did you do? Badal says we didn’t do anything incorrectly, we are darlings. Dr. Vivek will not treat him. Suman reproves him for fouling up with his obligation. Arjun turns out calling Dr. Vivek. He discloses to Vivek that he will treat him and asks would i be able to utilize your facility. Dr. Vivek says we can’t confide in anyone.

Arjun says I believed somebody seeing her pic. He requests that they come. Badal slips. Suman calls his name. Badal signs her to conceal her face. Lakhan returns home. Pujan Pandey is stunned to realize that Suman absconded once more. Pujan Pandey reproves him for his enormous cases and requests that he murder Badal and bring his little girl back else don’t demonstrate his face. He heads inside. Shashi hears him. Arjun reveals to Badal that he will clean his injury and do its dressing. Badal requests that he do dressing without seeing his face.

Arjun requests that he trust a specialist. Badal takes off material from his face. Arjun inquires as to for what reason did they steal away from homes and gets some information about her folks. Badal says we came to here with much trouble, it appears you are not from here. He cleans and wraps his injury. Badal says I will appeal to God for you and requests that her come Suman. Arjun requests that they stop. Lakhan converses with his goon and requests that they search Suman in any case. Shashi brings water for him and says Bade bhaiyya will not slap you.

Lakhan says he is my sibling and took out his outrage on me. Shashi says you are senior after bade bhaiyya and says for what reason did he tell that he is making Arjun as the beneficiary of the family. She says you are taking a chance with your life for him, yet bade bhaiyya is making another person as the beneficiary. She says chunnu and munnu gets some information about their rights. Lakhan says he is Lakhan and bhaiyya is his Ram. Shashi says this is kalyug and I will make fire increment and make you against your sibling. Media comes there and questions Lakhan about Suman. He requests that they go and blows up. The media requests that he state truth.

Arjun asks would i be able to see your face? Suman says what is this rowdiness. Badal says why you are ruining our kinship. Arjun says my affection’s name is additionally Suman. Badal says there are numerous young ladies who is having this name. He asks would i be able to make a telephone call? Arjun says yes. Badal calls Ashok. Chatura tells that they have seen the goons beating him. Badal says he is fine. Chatura says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to ask you him and says you won’t be upbeat leaving her. Badal gets some information about Mohan.

She says he is biting the dust stressing for you. Badal converses with Kamal and requests that he orchestrate a house. He says a house is empty. Badal expresses gratitude toward Arjun and says you have completed some help on me. Arjun says some time or another you will furnish a proportional payback.

Badal and Suman go to a house. A kid gives them keys. Suman embraces badal. Badal requests that her proceed to wash up, says she is stinking. Suman says then likewise I will embrace you. She says I cherish you. he says I adore myself as you are in me, your name is associated with my name and your heart beat thumps in my heart and your breath is in me and I am no place without you. Suman embraces him and requests the telephone. He asks whom you will call? Suman says she will call Choti Chachi and says she helped me escape from that point. I couldn’t express gratitude toward her moreover. Badal says alright, be grimy and I will spruce up.

Shashi tells that Suman has destroyed our regard. Pujan Pandey watches news and thinks Suman destroyed his regard due to Badal and thinks to murder him.

Precap: Shashi reveals to Pujan that she will enlighten him regarding Suman and inquires as to whether he will bring her alive. Pujan goes to the house and is going to shoot Badal.


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