Jackie Dada started giving life knowledge in his tearful style viral video

Actor Jackie Shroff is known for his style. Millions of people are crazy about his style and his speaking style is very special. These days, a video of him is becoming viral on Twitter, in which he is giving knowledge of life in his bigo style, which people are very fond of. Many people have shared this video and are liking it. In this video, Jackie Shroff is telling about life with a handkerchief in his hand that everyone has to go, whoever comes will go, so there is nothing to worry.

In this video Jackie Shroff is saying, ‘First the mother left, then Baba left and then the brother left … Then Jackie, Krishna and my wife arrived. Three left and three arrived. It goes on. According to the people around, their gum is very less. Whoever was born for it will be with him. Like red flower will remain red and yellow flower will remain yellow. If you keep on crying then you will keep on crying… so smile should be kept on the face… In such a situation, you should keep your spine straight and do not take tension.

Even before this, videos of Jackie Shroff keep coming in, in which the actor keeps speaking in a cool manner. This video is becoming quite viral. Explain that Jackie Shroff is not at home during the lockdown, while he is out of the house. He is trapped in the Khandala Form House and away from the family. Earlier, Jackie Shroff released a video, stating that he is away from home, but he is staying. In such a situation, people should also stay where they are and stay at home in lockdown.

At the same time, his wife Ayesha said, ‘Jackie went to plant some new trees and do pre-monsoon work in Khandala’s farmhouse. During this time the lockdown was announced and he got stuck there. But it is a matter of comfort that we have our staff with them. They have fresh air, space and own grown vegetables. He does not have tension at all, he is completely fine. We are in constant contact through those calls and video calls.


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