Jacqueline Fernandez, Captured Photos in Camera, Not Look, Was Hiding Her Identity
Jacqueline Fernandez

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her bold and bold style. Regardless of whether there is an event or social media platform, such a case of Jacqueline has been seen many times. But in such a way, if Bacchus Jacqueline appears to hide his face in front of the media cameras, it is astonishing to be surprised. It was just like yesterday when Jacqueline returned from finishing his shooting with his monkey (Madh). During this time Jacqueline was wearing jeans and T-shirts. But at the same time, he kept his face hidden from Pink Scarf. Jacqueline was shocked to hide such a face in front of the media (Paparazzi).

In this way everyone was imagining whether Jacklin was hiding his own look from his new movie. Because in front of the media cameras, she is confident in giving a pose and pause. But here they are getting their different look. But the reason behind this is being done by Jacqueline. Desire photographer Viral Biyani, describing the reason behind this, said that “The VIP boat coming from MAD had turned on, due to which Jacqueline had to resort to the public boat, Jacqueline was trying to hide her identity from Dupate. .

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Talking about the work front, Jacqueline is very excited about the sequel to the action comedy movie ‘Kick‘ in 2014. Jacqueline said, “I think Sajid Nadiadwala is working on the script of this film, it is something on which he has been working continuously for some time and knowing Nadiadwala, he is a perfectionist. “With this, Netflix’s forthcoming film ‘Mrs. Serial Killer’ is going to keep Jackinie going into digital entertainment world.


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