Jagdeep Death News: Disappointed over comedian Jagdeep's demise, Bhadas is fired on 2020

Jagdeep Death News: The year 2020 has not proved to be good in any way yet. Especially for Bollywood. Many bad news are coming out one after the other. People have not yet recovered from the deaths of Sushant Singh Rajput and Saroj Khan, meanwhile, the famous comedian actor Jagdeep has said goodbye to the world. Fans are very disappointed with his departure. He is taking out his anger through social media. Fans praying for Jagdeep’s peace of self, are also venting their anger against the year 2020.

Since Jagdeep’s departure, fans are still expressing sentiments on Twitter. #RestInPeace is currently trending at the top of Indian Twitter. Fans are sharing old photos of Jagdeep. Some are also sharing their videos. Especially by sharing the video of Surma Bhopali, the fans are paying homage. At the same time, there are some fans who are venting their anger over the year 2020. One social media user wrote, ‘We lost another virtuous soul this year. This year is hurting badly. See what the fans are saying

Let us tell you that the famous comedian and actor Jagdeep passed away on Wednesday at the age of 81 years. Jagdeep’s real name was Syed Ishtiaq Jaffrey. He always kept the silver screen beautiful with his acting. He started his career as a child artist in 1951. As a comedian, he made his debut in the cult classic film Do Bigha Zamin. In Sholay, he played the iconic Surma Bhopali, who is still fresh in people’s minds. Significantly, Javade Jafri and Navez Jafri are two sons of Jagdeep. Both are active in the film industry.


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