Javed Jafri thanked the media after his father’s funeral said – whether you drank tea or water or not

Bollywood’s famous actor and comedian Jagdeep died at the age of 81 on the previous day. On Thursday, his body was handed over to Mustafa Bazar Siya Cemetery of Mazgaon. Jagdeep’s last farewell included many film actors like Johnny Liver along with his family. At the same time, a video of Bollywood actor Javed Jafri, his brother Naved Jafri and son Meejan Jaffery (Mizan Jaffery) is attracting everyone’s attention. In the video, he comes to the media after the last rites of his father and asks him whether you have tea or water.

This style of Javed Jafery, Mizan Jaffery and Naved Jaffery is being liked by the people, as well as praising their simplicity. It is seen in the video that Javed Jaffrey and his brother come to the media and say, “You guys drank tea. Many thanks to all of you, who sent messages. We don’t all have messages Can see, but whoever is watching. Our father has given 70 years to the industry and today he is getting a lot of love. You guys keep praying for him. ” After that Naved Jaffrey said, “Thank you very much that you guys came.”


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