Jhansi Ki Rani 10th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Janki goes to Gangadhar and tells that they will not have hostility with britishers. She says he sent month to month pay to you and approaches him to welcome Ross for supper. Gangadhar says you are correct and tells that he will welcome Ross for this evening. Manu hears them and thinks this is the thing that I needed, presently observe that my subsequent stage will cause your faculties to go. Ross goes to the Palace. Gangadhar expresses gratitude toward him for coming. Ross says I am glad that you welcomed me for the late ruler’s birthday. They sit to have sustenance. Ross says sorry to learn for that day. Gangadhar says I comprehend your conduct and supposes you needs to grab Jhansi. Ross supposes he will make the supper as their last supper. Manu thinks how to have nourishment with the foes.

Kashi comes and makes sauce falls on Ross. Manu chides her and requests that her take him to wash his garments. She takes him to other washroom. Janki goes to the restroom and thinks Ross is standing. She reveals to him that Gangadhar and Manu will remain in Roop Mahal for 15 days and praise their wedding night. She requests that he murder them in any case and get Singhasan for her. She says I need it as I have directly on it. She sees Ross originating from opposite side and supposes with whom she was conversing with? Moropant turns in britishers’ uniform and reviews Manu’s arrangement. he says on the off chance that maharaj hears, at that point will get glad. Janki says what I said and says no one will trust you. She turns and sees Gangadhar, Laccho Bai, Saku Bai and others hear them. Gangadhar inquires as to whether this is her affection and says I thought your selling out as your adoration. Janki tells that she has no animosity with him, yet doesn’t care for Manu. She is sorry. Ross supposes he will leave before janki takes his name. He leaves. Moropant reveals to Gangadhar that he has proofs against Janki and requests that he come. They see Daai Maa. Gangadhar says she is Daai Maa.

Moropant tells that she will uncover something today. Daai Maa uncovers to Gangadhar that she had murdered Rama bai and her child. A fb is appeared, Janki gives her cash to slaughter them. Fb closes. Gangadhar is stunned. Daai Maa tells that she was rebuffed for her wrongdoing. Gangadhar says today on Rama’s birthday, her killer is uncovered. Moropant says somebody needs to give proclamation against her. Bhavani comes and advises that she used to include cocaine in Maharaj’s juice and says Janki needed to make Maharaj wed a weakling and poor young lady, however Maharani went to be valiant so she is upto some connivance. Gangadhar is angry with her. Manu tells that she will be rebuffed for her coldblooded wrongdoings. She says you attempted to break our marriage and took Rama Bai and her infant. Saku bai supposes it is great that we were not in her arrangement. Laccho Bai thinks Manu is exceptionally astute and uncovered Janki. Manu asks Gangadhar to rebuff her. Gangadhar requests that the officers remove her from Jhansi. Manu says she will be in karagaar. Gangadhar says she will confront the hardship out and about. Janki apologizes to Gangadhar. She leaves. Manu supposes I never thought Aai Saheb will do this and thinks don’t have a clue what number of more foes are here.

Precap: Saku bai sends her snake to nibble Gangadhar. Janki gives guide of Roop Mahal and requests that he slaughter Gangadhar and manu.


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