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Janki took britishers’ help and kicked me out from right here. Janki says you are visitor right here and shall move being a visitor. She asks her to have pan. Saku Bai says i have, and asks her to provide it to Laccho Bai. Laccho Bai says i’ve pan and asks Janki to have her pan, says it doesn’t have poison. Saku bai says it is a good plan to make toxic pan, and laughs, says we shall devour our pans.

Tatya guru tells Manu that her plan is risky. Manu says if she dies then she gets mixed in her very own soil. Gangadhar tells Rama Bai that he is doing Sakarpura with Manu and started giving area to her in his coronary heart, but Manu wants to marry him for a few different reasons. He says he got his three vahini Saheb and says he shall make Manu apprehend no longer to do anything. Ross scolds a man making a wig for him. Janki comes there and tells that she turned into mad to send invite to Laccho Bai and Saku Bai. Ross asks what passed off, why your face is purple. He says it looks as if you have got sucked someone’s blood. Janki tells that she had pan and tells that Laccho will touch Gangadhar’s feet and could live here, however Saku Bai will no longer cross from right here. Ross says they’ll be kicked out quickly and asks why she is giving her jewellery to Manu. Janki says she has to present her jewellery to win Gangadhar’s agree with. Ross says a huge sacrifice. Janki says she will get everything when Gangadhar gets killed. man brings wig and gives to Ross. Smith comes to Janki. Janki thinks Ross will treat Saku and Laccho, I have to widened the gap among Manikarnika and Gangadhar.

Gangadhar asks Dasi about Manu. Dasi says she become in her room someday returned. Janki thinks why Gangadhar is going to Manu’s room. Saku Bai asks Veer bhadra to look all of the corners of the Mahal and make Bundels understand the whole lot, and says we could see what’s going to take place on the marriage day, if he’s going to marry or get ruined. Veer bhadra asks what she can do? Saku Bai says i’m going to do some thing which no one can think, and says Jhansi’s identity will alternate in only five days. Laccho Bai is in her room. Ali Bahadur tells that royal luxuries are exceptional. He asks wherein is she lost and teases her. Laccho Bai says she has to stroll at the proper course now, and tells that she has a doubt on Saku Bai and Janki Bai. She says I don’t want any trouble to come on Gangadhar. Gangadhar involves Manu’s room and calls her, however she is not in her room. Gangadhar thinks in which is she?

Tatya Guru tells Manu that if that cart don’t wait there, then..He says i’m able to’t let you do that. Manu says you are tall and can be seen to them, however I don’t. She says cart sound is coming and jumps in the pit and lie down. She asks him to position the sand.

Gangadhar asks wherein is Manu? And asks Sainik to go looking her. Janki attempts to provoke him towards manu. Saku Bai says she shall no longer initiate him. Laccho Bai says anger is horrific and says Maharaj’s enemies shall be ruined. Tatya guru puts sand on Manu, whilst she closes her eyes tightly. He hides. Manu’s saree pallu peeps out. name track performs…Tatya Guru thinks may be these clothes will be seen by means of the britishers. Manu takes her saree pallu within the soil. The squaddies are dragging the cart and it stops midway at the area in which Manu is inside. Manu receives out of soil and holds the iron rod of the cart. Tatya guru thinks thank god Manu is great. The britishers pay attention a few sound and asks soldier to check the cart/palanquin. Soldier checks the palanquin. Tatya guru prays for Manu’s protection. Soldier checks the palanquin.

Precap: Ross talks to Smith and springs to the region in which Palanquin is there. Manu is in the Palanquin. Ross walks in the direction of her. Manu and Tatya guru get tensed.

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Jhansi Ki Rani 11 April 2019
Jhansi Ki Rani 11th April 2019
Jhansi Ki Rani 11 April
Jhansi Ki Rani 11th April


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