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Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao (Divitya) appears at the British men thru the binoculars along with Nana Saheb (Peshwa’s son), Moropant Tambe (Manu’s father), and Tatya Tope (Manu’s Guru). He tells that the British is egoistic approximately their powers. He says Marathas used to rub their egos with their

Powers, but now’s forced to stay a normal life. Moropant says someday revolution will manifest right here. Shrimant Peshwa baji rao tells Nana Saheb that the British had many guns to fight the struggle. He tells their squaddies can kill them. Tatya says you have got taught us how to combat. Peshwa Bajirao tells that they have got to spoil the Chawni and get the cannon. He says whoever gets the cannon could be announced because of the winner. He asks in which is my Chabeli…Manu fires arrow near on the ground and walks there. Khoob Ladi Mardani….tune plays…She sits on the horse. Horse jumps. She kicks on the pony and is coming there. absolutely everyone smiles looking at her driving on the pony.

there. Khoob Ladi Mardani….track performs…She sits on the horse. Horse jumps. She kicks on the horse and is coming there. everybody smiles searching at her using on the horse.

She actions the material from her face and famous it smiling. She is Manu… Manikarnika Tambe. She calls Peshwa as Azooba. Her father Moropant scolds her for speakme like that. Peshwa says she has identical rights on me like Nana Saheb. Manu says Nana Saheb didn’t name me, so I got here myself. Peshwa says shall we start the opposition. Manu says it is not competition, but intention to store the kingdom. He asks if she will be able to store the state with the arrow. She says absolutely everyone is aware of approximately krantikari bharat, however no person knows about their weapon. Peshwa asks what did she recognise about it? Manu says she is aware of that they’re preventing towards the british. Peshwa declares to start the competition. anybody runs on their horse, Manu remains on her horse and appears on the cannon and the infantrymen. She then rides her horse rapid. Peshwa says in line with the sport guidelines, they need to move beyond stony areas. British man sees Nana Saheb, Tatya, and Manu coming in the direction of the fort and asks the soldiers to hearth arrows. one of the arrow hit on Nana Saheb’s shoulder. Tatya says Nana Saheb can’t use his left hand in step with the rules. The british guys attacks them with the bombs, but they live on the bomb and attain the fort. Manu is hiking the fort first. Nana Saheb falls down while the british guys throws heavy stone on him. Manu swings to the rope and climbs up. Tatya additionally climbs up. Manu fights with the infantrymen together with her swords and kills them. Tatya additionally fights with them. She runs to the cannon and puts the tire. It blasts the british tent. Peshwa honours her and gives her pendant. He congratulates Moropant. Moropant says she has completed this under your shelter. Tatya and Nana Saheb smile. They smile british flag hoisting and says they have back.

At Bitoor Palace, a british guys comes there and says amendment came from portwilliam. He asks smith to read it. Mr. smith reads that Peshwa has no right to make his own navy. British man tells that the cannon which you have bought will be in our ownership. Mr. Smith says it is going to be within the protection of East India agency. British guy says Bitoor regulation and order can be in our manage. He says we will provide protection and will take Lagaan from the farmers and will deliver 1 percentage to you. He asks isn’t top notch. Manu says why Azooba is hearing quietly and says that is injustice, who are they to warn him. Tatya says she is a toddler and don’t know approximately the policies of the Palace, he asks her to head. Manu at the same time as going tells this bharat is ours…British man asks her to prevent and asks her to copy what she stated simply now. Manu says I stated that no longer simplest India, however this Bitoor is ours, and we can take choice approximately it, who are you to reserve my Azooba. He asks what is your name? She says i am Manikarnika. British man asks who instructed you that the bharat is yours. She says yes it’s miles ours. She is going and brings the sand and puts at the ground. She then applies the sand to her brow and says even our complexion fits with its color, but yours don’t. She says we’ve got born and brought up right here, this sand is our mom. British guy receives irritated. Peshwa tells that she is Mantri’s daughter and don’t understand how to behave with him. British guy asks if this bad lady doesn’t understand we’re britishers and asks her to peer the flag swinging out. He says no flag can be set high than the british empire. Peshwa says all of us shall apprehend this. British man says our law and order is common with the aid of all people and tells that every one officials are like him and says if Cap Ross could have been right here then he might have killed her. Manu appears on the British flag.

Cap Ross wonder is visible kicking the person polishing his footwear, and says you’re illiterate or even your king is. He asks himself to loosen up. Servant comes and says Maharani Janki Bai got here. Janki Bai comes to Ross and says i’ve come. He says welcome. She says you shall not name me like this, and tells that she is could be Maharani of Jhansi. Captain Ross tells that he desires to see her sitting at the throne, however she broke his believe. Janki Bai says she will no longer let his believe spoil. He asks how. He tells that he heard that Jhansi’s heir is going to be born. She says sure, however not but born.

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