Jhansi Ki Rani 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Janki giving details to Ross. Moropant thinks to be careful. Gangadhar and Manu are in Roop Mahal. Ross is coming there and kills the sainiks. Manu asks Gangadhar to ask her to come. Gangadhar asks her to come. She comes near him, Gangadhar lifts her and takes her to swing. Ross kills the sainiks while coming inner and thinks wherein is Maharani and Maharaj, whom i can kill and satisfy my revenge. Gangadhar tells Manu that he wishes their infant to be courageous like her. He says i can bear if he/she is stubborn. Manu asks if you are talking about my true traits or awful. She asks what’s his want? Gangadhar says he wants to be with her all existence. Manu says she additionally wished for the equal aspect. She says I need a son from yo0u, like you. Gangadhar hears the sound and asks who’s there? Manu says may be nobody wants to disturb us these days. She goes to deliver juice for him.

Ross comes and shoots Manu. Gangadhar takes the bullet on him. Manu shouts for assist. Ross says I desired to kill you, but Maharaj were given the bullet. He says second bullet could be for you. Manu throws vase on his hand to make his gun collapse. Ross recalls Manu’s words. Manu asks Gangadhar if he is nice. Ross brings sword to kill them, Moropant comes there in Bharat’s garments and fights with Ross. A female comes and stabs Gangadhar. Manu stabs her and asks Moropant no longer to permit Ross escape. She finds the woman attacking Gangadhar is Nargis and thinks even laccho Bai wants to kill us.

Vaid tells that Gangadhar’s harm is not deep and he’s satisfactory. Manu thinks to look the snake in sleeve. Laccho Bai thinks Janki and Saku bai is gone, now Nargis may have killed Maharaj and Maharani. Manu comes and says paintings is performed. Laccho bai thinks to kill Nargis and turns towards her. She receives stunned seeing Manu there. Manu says I didn’t assume this from you. Laccho apologizes to her and says she had taken correct care of her husband, however Janki got all the admire. She says she wanted her son Ali Bahadur to sit on Singhasan, but he become known as as illegitimate. She says if you will were on my location then could have achieved the same element. Manu says by no means. She calls Sainik and asks them to hold her in karawas. Laccho asks why did she allow Janki and Saku cross, but locking her in jail. Manu says that they had planned, however you done your place and injured Maharak. She asks Sainiks to take her to prison.

Precap: Manu involves Ross. Ross says true, you got here to die yourself. Manu kills Ross.


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