Jhansi Ki Rani 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gangadhar feels remorseful of Rama and apologizes to her pic. He says we will rest. Later in the night, Saku bai sends snake to Gangadhar’s room and requests that it slaughter him. She supposes to proceed to check as the snake don’t return. She goes to room and pulls the cover. Light comes. Gangadhar, Manu and Moropant come there. Gangadhar says even you..he says I viewed you as my mum and even you… He asks Moropant to send her out. Saku Bai goes out.

Laccho Bai comes. Manu says thanks to her for bringing out Saku Bai’s fact. A fb is appeared, Laccho Bai comes to Gangadhar and informs that she came to know regarding Saku Bai’s mystery. She demonstrates the bundels adornment and tells that she discovered it when they assaulted them. She says Saku Bai was behind the assault and says she is upto some intrigue today. She at that point apologizes to Gangadhar and says I ought to have educated you before concerning their terrible expectations. Gangadhar says its alright and says I am cheerful that you dislike them. Laccho Bai says every one of the adversaries are out of Jhansi now. Manu thinks until the britishers are here, nothing can occur.

Ross intends to slaughter Queen and King and says he needs to change his system due to Janki’s silliness. He says father and girl’s Jodi is risky for them and requests that the warrior get some answers concerning Moropant. Moropant thinks Ross is the unruly accomplice with Janki and thinks to be cautious. He supposes Ross will accomplish something against Maharaj and Manu.

Laccho Bai asks Gangadhar to make his connection to next stride overlooking everything. She says she is glad to realize that they will go to Roop Mahal and spend at some point. Laccho says I figure you will go with the goal that foes get envious. She says on the off chance that you need, at that point I can come and enable Maharani to prepare.

Janki comes to Commissary. Ross says didn’t you discover distinction among Moropant and me. Janki approaches him to express gratitude toward her for not suffocating him. Ross says on the off chance that I was on Gangadhar’s place, at that point would have slaughtered you directly there. Janki says stop it and advises that she welcomed him to tell that Maharani and Maharaj are going to Roop Mahal to go through their first night. She requests that he execute them and says she will support him.

Ross asks Janki how could she know? Janki says she is Janki Bai and checks the flying kite quills. He requests that her give him information about the Palace. Janki says you can go alone taking camouflage of a sainik. Ross gets some information about the Palace. Janki gives him map and says you can enter the Palace through the passage. Ross says you simply perceive how I make their night as their last. He says you will get the position of authority after their demise.

Precap: Gangadar takes Manu to the swing. Manu discloses to her that he needs a child like him. She goes to bring juice. Ross is going to shoot Manu, however Gangadhar spares her and gets projectile on his hand. Manu yells calling Sainiks. Ross chuckles and says I am here and points firearm at them.


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