Jhansi Ki Rani 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Manu. She flies British flag made kite. Manjari is petrified.

Bajirao Peshwa asks Bharat aka Moropant to complete the task. Moropant leaves.

Britishers’ unveil Queen Victoria’s statue. Moropant stands in front of the statue. A British official gets skeptical about it. Just before, Moropant is about to get caught, Britishers find their flag flying in the sky as kite.

Moropant takes advantage of the situation and blows up Queen Victoria’s statue.

Britishers neither could catch the flag thief, nor the one who blew the statue.

Gangadhar is still mourning over his wife’s death.

Janki utilizes the golden opportunity and takes Gangadhar’s signature on the treaty.

Manu and her friends return home. The British official inquires Manu about any stranger. Manu calls the Britisher as stranger and leaves.

Ross fires the crop field. The villagers cry brutally over their loss. Ross shows the official stamp from the king.

Ross learns about Queen Victoria’s statue has been blown away. He plans to visit Bithoor.

The written update of 13 February 2019 Jhansi Ki Rani episode full story ends.

Precap: Ross shoots Manjari’s husband in the middle of their marriage.

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