Jhansi Ki Rani 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Gangadhar doing the waagdaan rasam and makes Manu wear bangles along with his hand. each smiles searching at every different. people of Jhansi cheer for maharaj and maharani. Raj Guru tells that this isn’t always just bangles, but the image of maharani, and says our Jhansi got our bahu. Moropant is satisfied. Raj guru says people are ready to see Maharani. Gangadhar nods his head. they arrive out of temple. Janki acts to bless them. They take Moropant’s benefits. Ross sees Moropant’s hand and gets suspected. Ross tells Gangadhar that british soldiers need to provide salami with their gun. He says heartiest congratulations to you and Maharani. He greets Moropant and asks about the burn on his hand. Manu thinks about seeing the bandage on his hand. Moropant tells that he was lighting the lamp and got his hand burnt. Ross says I thought in case you are bharat. Manu and Moropant seems on. Ross laughs and says i was joking. Gangadhar asks Ross what sort of comic story is this? Ross says opium manufacturing facility become burnt the day past, and then says remedy factory. He tells that Bharat had burnt the manufacturing facility and says the crook is probably smart, however leaves a clue constantly. Gangadhar says he’s Moropant ji and says he is Manu’s father. Ross says he is Bharat after which laughs again. He says even I deserve a present. Gangadhar says i’m hoping you don’t ask me 11 villages as present. Janki asks Ross to invite something he wishes and says Maharaj will no longer refuse, and says it is a friend’s rights to invite for a gift. Ross says there is a case for which your instant attention is needed. British soldiers carry Bheema and Shiva on the transferring wheel. absolutely everyone is taken aback. Ross says we need your permission in order that we can hold those assasins and says we need to provide the message to each person that if all and sundry try to damage Maharaj gets demise sentences, and says British is your only buddy and protective you. Gangadhar gives the permission and says not today, but the next day. you could dangle them day after today. Ross thank you him. Moropant feels helpless and symptoms them.

Janki asks Ross what he wants as he brought krantikari and didn’t kick out Manu. Ross says I want Bharat and touches mark on his face. He says he is nevertheless hurt and this wound might be healed after I kill Bharat and all his krantikari crew, a dog’s dying. Manu says don’t understand what goes on on your thoughts. Ross says I left cats amongst the pigeons. Janki asks if Manu is Bharat. Ross asks her now not to mention it now else game will quit earlier than beginning. Janki appreciates his conspiracy move. Ross says even you plays desirable conspiracy, however gets trapped your self. He says you delivered Manu and got afflicted. He thinks to find out if Moropant is krantikari. Manu tells Moropant that she can speak to Gangadhar and tells that Shiva Bhao and Bheema Bhao can’t try this. Moropant asks her to concentrate on her marriage and tells that just now your relationship were given higher now. He reminds of what Peshwa stated. He says Bharat will shop them. Manu says those foreigners laid the entice to lure Bharat. Moropant gets doubtful and says krantikari andolan will quit then. Manu says this andolan/revolt will stop while those britishers leave from right here. She thinks she will be able to no longer let this kranti fire set off and ought to do something. Ross tells soldiers that no one shall get in this prison. Manu comes there. Ross says Jhansi’s maharani is here, and asks if she desires to kill them as they are your might be husband’s assasins. Manu says I need to fulfill those krantikaris. Ross asks why? Manu says now i have proper.

Precap: Manu tells Gangadhar that the krantikaris shall get a hazard to tell their side of story. Gangadhar concurs with her and offers them a chance to talk. Ross is bowled over.


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