Jhansi Ki Rani 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

To get hold of Bharat, Ross continues Shiva and Bhima in captivity. He additionally seeks Gangadhar’s approval to give them a death sentence, however, Manu confronts him for being manipulative.

Jhansi appears ahead to the marriage of King Gangadhar and Manikarnika, their future Queen. The level receives set for the royal marriage ceremony, however, Captain Ross plans to spoil the celebrations via chalking out a plan to entice Krantikari Bharat. To get hold of Bharat, Ross keeps Shiva and Bhima in captivity. He also seeks Gangadhar’s approval to offer them a dying sentence, however, Manu confronts him for being manipulative.

Manu realises that Ross intends to seize Bharat pink-handed and has subsequently laid a vicious trap.

Ross is confident about his suspicion. He believes that Krantikari Bharat is none other however Manikarnika’s father, Moropant Tambe. but, Manu is still not aware of her father’s function as a Krantikari. Unknowingly, she cautions him about Ross’ trap and hopes that Bharat would not get caught whilst releasing Shiva and Bhima.

To keep Shiva and Bhima’s lifestyles, Manu decides to express her perspectives in the front of Gangadhar in his court docket. She believes that the accused also has the right to shield themselves before getting convicted. Janki Bai attempts to steer Gangadhar’s choice, but he consents to present Shiva and Bhima a hazard.

Janki Bai realises that she has invited hassle for herself by using selecting Manu for Gangadhar. She fears she might not be capable of ascending the throne of Jhansi. On the one hand, Janki Bai worries about her destiny, and on the alternative, Ross is determined to trap Bharat. Will Bharat get trapped? Will Moropant’s actual identity be discovered? And most significantly, will Manu be capable of saving Shiva and Bhima from getting punished?


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