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Moropant to suppose what Manjiri might be wondering who has become a widow after marriage and says she needs you in the meantime. Manu says sure, you stated proper. She apologizes you for buying indignant on him. Moropant says you are my existence. The people of Jhansi plead infront of palace for justice, but Gangadhar is in the cocaine effect and think I didn’t do any injustice with them. He is set to exit, while Janki comes and asks him to rest, says she can pass and communicate to them. Gangadhar goes. Janki Bai comes out and asks why are they shouting? Villagers inform that britishers burnt their farms to domesticate cocaine. She says if the manufacturing facility of cocaine is built then they may get jobs. They tell that their belly gets stuffed by meals and not by means of cocaine. Manu involves Manjiri’s residence and sees her crying. She runs to her. Manjiri says all my goals have been shattered right away, and says that britisher ruined my happiness. She says I couldn’t preserve Shripadh’s hand, he shoot him. She says why he didn’t shoot me, there’s a darkness, now nobody is for me. Manu says i am there for you and guarantees no longer to split her from her. She asks her to calm down and says lets have something. Manjiri cries and refuses. Manu says you need to eat and sees the food. She asks what is this meals? Manjiri says this is a widow’s meals and says that is my destiny now. Manu says what’s your fault on this and says she will deliver meals from her house. Manjiri says no. Manu goes to her residence. a few girls come there and ask her to include them. Manjiri shouts manu. The lady tells that you need to go through because of your destiny.

Tatya Dikshit assessments Gangadhar’s Kundali and says his demise is close to. She says Jhansi is in deep trouble. Janki comes there and says i can keep Jhansi. Tatya says i would have come in case you had called me. Janki asks them to accept the present and gives the dupatta with blood on it. Tatya and his spouse get involved for his or her daughter and visit room, see her dozing. Janki threatens them and asks them to do as she says. Tatya asks her to reserve. She asks him to look simple female from an ordinary family and she or he shall no longer have any inhibitions. She says that girl shall be in my manage and asks him to go Jhansi. She says you will have understood her hazard. She goes. Tatya’s wife tells that they are able to’t betray Maharaj. Tatya says I ought to move Bhitoor, Maharaj’s destiny must be there. Manjiri is seated to get her head shaved. Manu attempts to oppose the widow rituals. Purohit tells that these rituals were on account that many many years. Manu says we, the people have started out this rituals. A soldier asks what’s going on. The villager tells that a woman is opposing the widow rituals. Purohit tells approximately the vaids in which lady shall now not have hairs and shall have meals only as soon as and so forth. Manu says you’re telling the vaid in keeping with your gain. She tells a vaid and says the female shall remarry the person who is prepared to marry her. Britisher comes there. Purohit says this female wants to alternate the parampara.

Britisher says i’m seeing you since many days. Manu says you’re taking firangi’s guide to do your egocentric motives. Britisher asks if Peshwa Saheb taught you this. She says if I display what he taught me then your agency will stop. Manu tells that she will be able to oppose the rituals. Manjiri recalls Shripadh’s death and says let them do what they need, and says i am geared up. Manjiri’s dad and mom cry. Manjiri sits to get her head shaved. Manu feels helpless. Manjiri cries as her hairs receive shaved off. Britisher and Purohit smile. Melson tells Ross that they behave badly with the widow woman and says let them be in superstitious. Ross says who took out the flag from right here and used as a kite and then burnt it. He says our queen statue was burnt too. Melson says I think it’s miles a massive group against this. Ross says I suppose krantikari Bharat is the chief behind this. He says that bharat could be very dangerous and says 14 years in the past, I almost stuck him however he…a facebook is shown, Moropant/Bharat fights with Ross and offers mark on Ross’s face. He says if I catch him then will kill him and his family. Melson says this time he will be in your feet. Ross says I want him to be stuck and says the next day is Peshwa’s birthday, i have a plan.

Manu involves the temple and remembers the happenings. She earrings the temple bell. She asks if each person is dead even as they’re alive. She says she is not lifeless, however. She swears to live her lifestyles to combat towards the spiritual rituals and stop it, and also to make the Britishers go, She says i can begin my intention on Azooba’s birthday.

Precap:- Manu dances as Krantikari in the course of Peshwa’s birthday. Ross says to arrest her. Tatya sees menu and proposes Gangadhar and her marriage before Peshwa. Melson is ready to shoot Manu.

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