Jhansi Ki Rani 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Captain Ross, who had laid a trap to trap Bharat pink-exceeded, feels helpless after his plan fails to materialise. He feels helpless after Manu shows Gangadhar to rethink his verdict.

Manu has vowed to deliver justice to Shiva and Bhima who get sentenced to demise for attempting to kill Gangadhar. She confronts Captain Ross who has held them in captivity and expresses her views about the punishment to Gangadhar.

Manu believes that everybody whether or not or not responsible for committing against the law merits a truthful danger to defend himself. therefore she asks Gangadhar to rethink his selection and alternatively drag them to court.

Captain Ross, who had laid a lure to trap Bharat red-handed, feels helpless after his plan fails to materialise. He feels helpless after Manu suggests Gangadhar to reconsider his verdict. Manu feels that the Krantikaris deserve a fair trial and should get a threat to explain why they tried the assassination of the king.

Moropant involves realizing that Manu’s efforts made the king exchange his mind. He thanks you her keeping the revolutionary spirit active and alive.

Captain Ross suspects Moropant Tambe’s involvement with the Krantikaris. He additionally feels that Moropant is Krantikari Bharat who had attacked him eight years in the past. Ross gets reminded of the indelible scar left on his face after the assault. for this reason to avenge the assault

Ross plans to kill Bharat’s pals in the courtroom. within the court, Shiva and Bhima find no one to protect their case. Manu, the destiny Queen of Jhansi volunteers to soak up the case to provide them an honest trial. Will Manu keep them from getting punished?


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