Jhansi Ki Rani 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Manu telling Ghouse Baba that so many ladies came to get the training. Ghouse baba is also happy. Manu tells the ladies that she is feeling proud and happy seeing their enthusiasm to have shastra kala. Ross finds the Servant taking the trunk in the cart and asks who are you? He says you would have been to Dargah. Servant tells that the man who was with them took the carriage and gave him money. Ross asks what? Servant says I got greedy and didn’t ask. Ross thinks the widow is none other Queen’s friend and she is getting her married. He thinks this drunkard Servant said that the carriage was taken to the opposite side of dargah. He tells Robb that this is his last chance and says nobody can doubt on you, as you are dead for the world. He says queen is busy here. Robb says I will tell that girl that it is dangerous to take panga from britishers. Ghouse baba begins the training. Manu thinks until Manjiri’s marriage is solemnized properly, she can’t be at peace. She continues to train the woman. Ghouse baba asks the ladies to aim arrow on the board. The ladies aim the arrow at the board.

Manjiri and Shiva exchange garlands. Raj guru asks them to take rounds. They take rounds. Shiva makes her wear mangalsutra. Raj Guru says marriage is completed, you are husband and wife from now on. Robb comes there indisguise of an Indian man. He says marriage can’t be completed, I came to complete it. Manjiri finds the voice familiar. Shiva walks towards him. Robb takes out the gun and shoots at his forehead killing him on the spot. Manjiri is shattered and recalls her first husband’s death. Robb takes out his turban and throws it. He says you have rejected me for him, I have killed him. He tries to take Manjiri with him and pushes Raj guru. Raj guru faints. Manjiri pushes Robb and runs.

Manu tells the ladies that they shall make their enemy tired so that he doesn’t have the strength to fight. Manjiri runs and is coming to Manu. Robb is following her and asks british soldiers to catch that girl. Manjiri falls down. But gets up and runs again. Robb scolds the Servants. Manu and Ghouse Khan are fighting with swords to show the ladies. Manjiri comes running to them and cries calling Manu. Manu looks at her distressed face. Robb comes there and laughs aloud. Manu sees Robb alive and thinks death and cremation was their drama. Manjiri tells Manu that she became widow again. Robb says you have to live life as a widow again, but I won’t let you live. He aims gun at Manjiri. Manu attacks on his hand with sword and cuts his hand. Robb is shocked.

Precap: Manu beats Robb with hunter, pours kerosene oil on him and burns him alive. Ross and Gangadhar come there and see him burning. Ross tells Gangadhar that he needs justice and wants him to punish Maharani.


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