Jhansi Ki Rani 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Gangadhar coming to the stable and sees his horse having a wound. He asks the caretaker, what happened to his horse in a single day as it turned into first-rate yesterday. Janki sees that and remembers getting her Sevika leaving large rats to damage the pony. She tells Ross that he were given the 1/2 victory and could get every other tomorrow. Ross says we are companions in betrayal recreation. Janki thinks she will be able to play this game until she succeeds and becomes Maharani and take a seat on the singhasan. Gangadhar seems at his wounded horse with rat bites. Caretaker tells that they shall kill the horse. Gangadhar says no and asks him to get horse handled till his closing breath. He says this horse is dear to him. Gangadhar sees Manu’s horse and asks about it. Caretaker says it’s miles from Bhitoor. Gangadhar says i’m able to ride in this

horse for nowadays’s race. Manu thinks wherein is Maharaj and come to the stable. She asks the caretaker approximately maharaj. Caretaker says maharaj went to get geared up for the sport. Manu thinks how to speak to him. Caretaker tells her that i’m able to supply your message to him as I could be taking this horse to him. Manu asks if Maharaj chose my horse? Caretaker says yes. Manu says i will make it ready and will take him to maharaj. She tells that she can do Tilak of her horse and swears that they’ll win and get back the 11 villagers which britishers have snatched and says they’ll wreck their plans.
Janki tells Ross that he has to make Maharaj lose. Ross says i am feeling terrible for him as he’s afterall my buddy. Janki says i am geared up for amusement. Ross says these days could be double leisure as governor trendy is right here as leader visitor and we will gift him with eleven extra villages. She asks her to inform how a whole lot maharaj can matter? Janki says how it will have an effect on him? Ross says he’ll make such a lot of goals so that he forgets the counting. Manu comes to meet Gangadhar on the play ground. The british soldier stops her and says you could’t meet him as you aren’t sporting Polo footwear. Manu insists to fulfill him. Ross hears her and comes out of his tent. He attempts to peer her face. Janki hears her and springs out. She says Maharaj is getting geared up for recreation. Manu says that is betrayal sport and says it’s miles foreigners trick to get eleven more villages. Janki is stunned and asks who informed you. Manu says I heard it myself and says those words had been bursting from their phrases, I heard them making plans. Janki thinks I should stop your feet. She says i will tell reality to Maharaj. Manu thanks her. Janki asks her not to tell others as enemies ought to be round. Manu says you have seen how this British act to be pals and betraying at lower back. Janki thinks if she has chosen the wrong girl. She is going to a tent. Gangadhar calls Janki as Vahini Saheb. Manu comes in the tent. Gangadhar thinks of her as Janki and asks her to present his kamar bandh.

Manu enables him, seeking to see his face. Gangadhar says in case you help me then i will attain on time. Manu sees his face inside the reflect. Gangadhar tells that he’ll win this time and will defeat Britishers. they may realize that i can play their recreation higher than them. He is going without seeing her. Manu thinks he loves his Jhansi. Janki comes there and asks Manu what did you tell him? Manu says I couldn’t tell him anything. She comes out of the tent. Kashi asks why didn’t you tell Maharaj? Manu says I didn’t get the threat. Kashi says Janki will communicate to Maharaj virtually. the declaration is made that whoever wins gets the needed prize. Manu thinks Aai Saheb couldn’t have advised him. Ross tells his men that they as a group are superior. They should win as governor is guest of honour and knows that we’re fighting for the one’s villagers. He says we must make the defeat the competition. Janki asks Gangadhar to have curd and sugar and tells that she prays for his success. Gangadhar tells that he’ll win this time. Janki says simply play the sport adequately. Gangadhar says your advantages are with me then why to get scared. He leaves. Janki thinks I believe simply myself in this betrayal game. She sits down to see the fit. Manu attempts to talk to her. Janki signs and symptoms her to sit. Manu thinks i was traumatic uselessly. Gangadhar sees Tilak on horse’s forehead and calls him pal asking him to come back. Ross also sits on his horse. Kashi is ready to sit down. Manu asks Kashi to sit at returned seats. Kashi sits down.

Governor comes there and offers his nice desires to the groups. Ross says all the satisfactory Maharaj. Gangadhar says equal. Ross says we are able to win, however, and will think you as our enemy. Gangadhar says even i will use all my power to win this sport. Ross tells that he requested his superstar player to sit down and notice the healthy, only for our friendship. Manu thinks what Aai Saheb has thought. The commentator tells about the game policies. Ross wins the toss and chooses the aspect to play. Manu tells Janki that recreation has started out. Janki says I informed him and we shall admire his decision. Manu says however.Janki asks her to sit down at her place

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Jhansi Ki Rani episode update online story ends.

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