Jhansi Ki Rani 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gangadhar, who has pronounced his verdict towards Manu, feels stressed. His first spouse, Rama Bai’s phrases resonate in his ears, and he wonders what she is trying to deliver.

Manu had left Bithoor after receiving a marriage inspiration from Tatya Dikshit, the Royal Priest of Jhansi, for King Gangadhar. Manu is requested to leave Jhansi after she is stuck crimson-handed saving Shiva and Bhima and assisting Krantikari Bharat and his group.

Ross succeeds in his project to stop Gangadhar’s marriage with Manu, but he is not satisfied with the punishment meted out to her. Ross desired Gangadhar to be strict with Manu, but the latter goes gentle on her due to the fact she changed into as soon as his prospective Queen.

Ross’ aide – Janki Bai (Gangadhar’s sister-in-regulation) is similarly glad to realize that the hurdle on her direction to the throne of Jhansi is clear. For the unversed, Janki Bai is the maximum risky enemy of King Gangadhar because she has made him take the incorrect choices by deceptive him.

Gangadhar trusts her blindly and has high regards for her. Janki Bai takes gain of Gangadhar’s unshakeable religion in her to misguide him.
other than misleading him, she also makes him consume a poisonous drink each day to weaken his fitness. She wants to take away him to occupy the throne of Jhansi. Such is her hatred for Gangadhar.

Gangadhar, who has stated his verdict towards Manu, feels stressed. His first wife, Rama Bai’s words resonate in his ears, and he wonders what she is making an attempt to bring.

On one hand, Gangadhar feels uncomfortable along with his own decision, and on the alternative, Manu starts offevolved to leave Jhansi for all time.

Gangadhar sees Manu from his enclosure as she moves closer to the go out door. Manu, who’s similarly crushed, injures herself after stepping on damaged pieces of glass.

Manu feels sorry for not having the ability to expose the real face of Ross in front of Gangadhar. Manu begins her adventure from Jhansi to Bithoor. Will Gangadhar stop her? Stay tuned to Tellyupdates.Me for all updates on Jhansi Ki Rani


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