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The Episode begins with Manu throwing the binoculars and seeing on the britishers running for engine. Kashi says it the blast is unsuccessful. Manu says it will. She sees many british infantrymen coming there and tells that she ought to blast railway engine with the help of Tatya Guru, however now she wishes her own soldiers to combat with britishers. Kashi asks her to take Maharaj’s assist. Manu says no and tells that Maharaj thinks that the railways will bring progress in Jhansi. She says that is the mission among me and the cunning Ross, and asks her to keep in mind that when hope wins in a venture then only one wins while attempts. Kashi says where you may get many humans to fight. Manu says she has to find the rela Hindustani who will assist her to free this Hindustan.

The cook dinner tells Peshwa that the vegetarian food will be very tasty. Peshwa says that’s why we referred to as you from Bhittor. Moropant asks whilst Nana Saheb will come. Peshwa says soon. Janki comes to kitchen and sends the chefs outside to get the vegetables. She signs Jack to return within the kitchen and goes. Jack has protected himself with blanket and mixes non veg in the meals. one of the prepare dinner sees him and asks what did you do? He shouts for assist. Jack beats him and takes him with him. different cook dinner sees him and receives taken aback. Janki involves Manu and asks her to see the jewellery. She says your face will appearance suitable in those embellishes. Manu smiles. Laccho Bai comes there and says the jewellery which she delivered will appearance lovely in this get dressed.
Janki receives disappointed and says Laccho Bai, before coaching me, look at your self in the reflect and says Manikarnika will wear jewellery of Ranis. Saku Bai comes there and says Manu will wear jewelry chosen by using big Aai Saheb Sakubai. She shows the embellishes to Manu. Kashi thinks whom Maharani will agree to. Manu says she can put on everyone’s embellishes. She wears the lengthy necklace delivered with the aid of Janki. She then wears necklace brought by Laccho Bai and the bangles delivered through Saku Bai. She then wears jewelry selected by using Laccho bai. Laccho Bai takes to the air terrible sight from her. Jhansi wali rani plays…..She thinks girl desires to raise the sword and thinks to invite them. She says I want to get some thing from my 3 Aai Sahebs.

Laccho says we are able to come up with whatever you ask for. Saku Bai asks if I lost my voice or my thoughts prevent questioning that you are taking my selections. Janki says i’m able to get what you wanted. Manu says I need your assist to combat for freedom. Janki says we’re Ranis, we do rule and no longer fight. She thinks that’s why Ross doubts her. saku Bai thinks what she can get by using combating with britishers, and says now at this age, she doesn’t have braveness to combat. Laccho thinks Manu will experience terrible if she refuse and tells that she is prepared and asks what to do. She chews the pan. Manu says we should make the ones britishers thrown out of our Hindustan. Laccho Bai coughs and the pan get caught in her neck and coughs. She says how we are able to face the britishers’ bullets and says Ali bahadur will assist you. Janki asks what’s the want of this fight and says britishers are our buddy. She says neither you nor us shall get involved in this freedom fight and asks her to depart all this. They depart. Manu thinks this kranti will stop while she will lose her existence and thinks britishers aren’t pals and they may be insult for friendship.

Gangadhar and his own family take a seat to have food. Moropant Serves the meals to them. Gangadhar and Janki see the non veg in the dish. Janki makes an trouble and asks what’s this new culture by means of serving us non veg. Gangadhar says you humans have made fun of all Newalkar circle of relatives. Moropant says i’m able to’t think of this even in my desires and says i’m unhappy that this accurate second became out to be horrific. Peshwa says anybody right here is vegetarian and that i were given vegetarian food made in my supervision. He says why will we insult our daughter’s sasural. Janki says just because we have been your Servants in the past. Peshwa’s wife if we have notion about this then we wouldn’t have come. Peshwa asks her to be quiet. Gangadhar says we are able to take into account about this food all my lifestyles. Saku Bai thinks to get map from Maharaj. Kashi involves Manu and tells that Meat turned into jumbled in dal. Manu says who has carried out this and says can be someone did this intentionally. She says our cooks got here from Bhittor and could now not do this. Manu asks the chefs about Bhittor chefs. The cooks tells that they doesn’t recognize wherein that two chefs went. Manu searches for them.

one of the prepare dinner from Bhitoor got here there. Manu asks where is the cook dinner? The cook dinner tells her the whole thing and cries. Jack is beating the cook. cook asks him now not to conquer him and says i’m able to now not inform all people. Manu comes there and holds his hunter. cook tells her that Jack added non veg within the dal. Manu says these days i will beat you so much then you’ll get burn in pain rain. She beats Jack with hunter. She is taking him beating to place. The villagers and the britishers see Manu beating Jack. British infantrymen attempt to forestall her. Manu appears at them and warns not to come back behind her. The villagers get satisfied. Manu says you added non veg within the food. Smith sees the whole lot shockingly and thinks to inform Ross. Manu is thrashing Jack and taking him to Palace. Jhansi wali rani performs……

Precap: Manu pushes Jack infront of Gangadhar. She asks him to peer her cook dinner who was crushed up with the aid of Jack. She says he saw Jack mixing non veg inside the food. Gangadhar asks Jack, how dare you do this and on whose orders you probably did. Manu says the wrongdoer isn’t Jack, however Captain Ross.


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