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The Episode starts with Peshwa praising Manu and says she will become epitome of greatness. The Purohit realizes is mistake and tells Manu that he is bending down his feet for her great thinking. Manu asks him to keep his head on her head and bless her. She comes to the refugees from Jhansi and asks them to take care. She says har har mahadev….She folds her hand before everyone. Jhansi ki rani plays….peshwa tells Manu that she shall go now. Manu asks Manjiri to sit and gets teary eyes. She runs to Peshwa and hugs him. She asks him to take care. He says you too. Manu hugs Vimla and Gayatri. She sits in the palanquin. They leave. Manu looks on while they are travelling. Ross is getting messaged by a local man. He gets angry as the latter massages him hard and asks him to drink wine. Local man.

Jhansi Ki Rani 25th February 2019

Manu reaches Jhansi Palace and gets angry seeing british. Moropant asks her to control her anger so that nobody can know her aim. Manu says she will try, but can’t change her thinking. Ross thinks Jhansi’s girls are clever and thinks the girl chosen by janki shall be weak and can be easily influenced by janki. Manu looks at the palace as they enter. Ross and Janki are standing out. Ross thinks I shall pay respect to the new Queen. Moropant asks God to have sympathy for Manu and thinks firangi’s end shall happen by Manu’s hands. Manu thinks I have to write the story of freedom, I have to become Jhansi ki Rani. Raj Guru hopes change happens just she steps down. Ross goes to see her. Manu thinks her aim will be freedom. The women hold long curtains. Jhansi walks on…Ross tries to see her face. A woman does her aarti and Tilak.

They say Maharani ki Jai…Ross couldn’t see her still. Title song plays….Janki thinks her dreams will be fulfilled and thinks this girl shall be same as she thought. Moropant sees Ross trying to look at Manu. Soldier comes to Ross and says those two men are not ready to divulge any details, but ready to die. Tatya Dikshit welcomes them. Manu asks about manjiri. Raj guru says she will be taken into palace with respect. Kashi takes Manu inside the Palace. Janki tells her Servant that she shall not make the marriage as the hang rope for her. She says she will test her. Moropant asks when can I meet him. Tatya Dikshit says tomorrow when their kundalis will be kept. Moropant thinks to go and search Tatya, Shiva and Bheema. Kashi shows the Palace to Manu and says chandelier, carpet are brought from foreign. Manu says all these English things need our land to stay. Kashi says she doesn’t understand all that. She takes her inside.

Jhansi Ki Rani 25 February 2019

Janki bai comes there and introduces herself. She asks her to call her Vahini Saheb. Manu says I will not call you Vahini Saheb as I want to call you Aai. Janki says she looks simple and thinks to test her. Manu asks can I call you Aai? Janki says yes and asks her to eat the food which she got made for her. She thinks I shall see if she sits first to have food or ask me to sit. Manu folds her hand and asks her to sit. Janki sits and thinks she understands my position and status and thinks she can control her. She shows the food items and says she got it made by british cook and says you wouldn’t have seen things and asks her to get habitual to eat such things. She thinks she shall lower her confidence. Manu thinks of the refugees telling that they are left hungry and says she will not have English food, but will have desi shrikand.

Jhansi Ki Rani 25th February

Janki says she has less ambitions and asks her to have custard. Manu says she don’t want to get unwell having English food. Janki thinks she might not like it. Manu feels Janki to be good. Janki asks what is important to her. Manu says freedom. Janki thinks she is asking about her freedom after marriage. Manu thinks she misunderstood me. Bheeva and Shiva are getting beaten badly by Ross. He asks them to say who asked them to shoot Gangadhar, and says I will torture you like this. They refuse to tell him. Shiva says bharat mata ki jai. Ross asks them to tell about their leader else he will not leave them. Shiva says our life is for their nation. Ross and others see the krantikari mark on their body. Ross says they shall kill them like dogs and asks soldiers to take them to centre of the palace.

Jhansi Ki Rani 25 February

They bring Shiva and Bheeva. Manu sees them from the Palace and thinks where they are taking krantikari and says I want to see them. Kashi stops her. Manu says she can’t see the injustice happening with them. Ross ties them to the pole and tells the people that they are the betrayal. Manu says she will go out. Janki comes and you shall go in palanquin. Manu says ji Aai. She thinks of Moropant’s words. Moropant is watching them and thinks how to save them.

Ross says they are krantikari and says whoever kills their Raja, then how can they be krantikari. He puts salt on their wounds to give them pain. Shiva and Bheema see Moropant and think you can’t do this as this nation needs you. Ross senses their partner is in the crowd and thinks if bharat is here. Ross checks in the crowd for bharat. Manu gets down from the palanquin and comes there. Moropant controls his anger. Manu is walking towards there. Ross sees Moropant’s sword and is coming towards him.

Precap: Jhansi Ki Rani 25 February 2019 Written Update Ross sees Manu telling an old man against British. Janki assures him that manu can’t go against them and will be in her control. She says Jhansi will get Gangadhar’s death in gift. Manu wants to meet Gangadhar, but Janki doesn’t let her meet him. Manu comes to the ground where Ross and Gangadhar are playing Polo. Ross wants to get 11 villages in lagaan. Gangadhar falls down from the horse.


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