Jhansi Ki Rani 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with the widow girl Abha telling that she has to visit Kashi. Janki comes and asks what are you doing here. She tells Abha that Manu doesn’t recognize about our rituals. Abha says didn’t she understand how the widow lady’s life is and asks her to make her apprehend no to step inside. Janki asks Manu to come back. Manu thinks she will be able to now not allow manjiri stay here. She tells Janki that she brought Manjiri from her Palace to take her out from that hell existence. She says you could understand this, as Janki herself is a widow. Janki tells that she can’t intervene in Abha’s territory. Manu makes dry leaves’ lantern and tells Kashi that she will make it fly in air so that her wish receives fulfilled. She tells Kashi about the freedom and says it is ready to fly, however how to make it mild. Kashi says

she will be able to make arrangements of hearth. Manu says you’re my friend and now not Sevika. She says she can do her personal paintings. Kashi hides seeing Gangadhar coming there. He looks at it and asks whose lantern is this. He seems at it and tells that he used to make and fly the wish lanterns in childhood alongside together with his father.

Manu is bringing diya there. Gangadhar tells that he’ll mild the lantern and lighting fixtures it. Raghunath praises Gangadhar and tells that the character is fortunate who made it. Manu sees him and is ready to satisfy him, however Kashi stops her. Manu says why my coronary heart is beating speedy. Manu says you don’t get scared then…Gangadhar makes the lantern fly and asks mahadev to fulfill the man or woman’s want. Manu thinks if she notion wrong about Maharaj. Kashi tells Manu that Maharaj made her lantern fly in air. Manu says freedom’s first message become sent to Brahmand via the maharaj. Manu thinks to inform him about Jhansi’s problems. Gangadhar talks to Rama’s painting and says Janki has selected a female for him, but he still loves her. He asks if the marriage is essential and asks her to reply. He sees the lantern inside the sky and asks Rama’s portray if she really desired him to marry Manikarnika. He imagines Rama signing him and receives teary eyes.

Moropant is tensed and peeps inner manu’s room. She thinks she will’t sleep with out seeing her baba’s face. She thinks don’t realize why daughters ought to go faraway from father’s house and thinks this satin blanket, bedsheet can’t supply her warmth like of her father. Moropant comes inside her room hearing her. Manu hugs him fortunately and says she ignored him. Moropant says even I couldn’t sleep and that’s why I came right here. He says when you turn out to be Maharani, I ought to take permission to meet you. Manu says not anything can separate them. She gets emotional. Moropant says I delivered your favorite mango. He gives her mango. Manu eats the mango and says no person can take care of my needs like you. Moropant asks if she preferred her room. She says Aai Saheb made so many dishes for her, and says one village would possibly have eaten it. Moropant thinks he has careworn his daughter to face many conspiracies in Jhansi and thinks he will be careful.

Ross talks to chinese men telling Ross that they have to increase supply of cocaine else they must see providers in Afghanistan. Ross thinks I have to get more villagers from Gangadhar to set up my cocaine factories, by way of hook or crook and may’t manage to pay for to lose this profitable deal.

Precap: Raj Guru tells Gangadhar about the mahurat of her marriage. Manu hears Ross making plan to get eleven extra villages from Gangadhar. She thinks to tell Gangadhar.


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