Jhansi Ki Rani 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with the bundel infantrymen throwing weapon in Manu. She moves. She hides and takes the sword in her hand. Gangadhar fights with the bundels. Manu fights with the soldiers. She sees gun and thinks to help Gangadhar. She comes out. Gangadhar continues the sword on the head of bundels and asks each person to forestall. He asks squaddies to arrest them. just then Bundels men carry Moropant, Peshwa, Nana Saheb and others preserving sword on their neck. They threaten to kill them. Moropant asks Gangadhar now not to fear about them. Gangadhar tells that they are his circle of relatives and their lives are extra valuable than his existence. Nana Saheb thinks I concept Maharaj wrong. Manu is watching the whole lot and thinks to store Gangadhar. She thinks she discovered the manner. Manu comes to Kashi and asks her to open the door. Kashi opens the door. Manu says Bundels have captivated all of us and says we shall help them. She asks her to include them and take her to balcony. Kashi gets concerned. Veerbhadra tells Saku bai that they’ve caught everyone. Saku bai asks about manu. He says I didn’t see her.

Saku bai asks her to go looking and kill her. Manu asks Kashi no longer to be afraid and says i’m with you. Veerbhadra and others come to Manu’s room and is breaking the door. Manu asks Kashi to return together with her. Veerbhadra and others search Manu inside the room, however they couldn’t see her. Veerbhadra involves the balcony and thinks if she is hiding right here. He looks out of balcony and goes. Manu and Kashi are hiding in the back of the balcony. The widows are hiding inside the kitchen. Manu comes to them and thinks atleast they’re safe. She asks them to come out. The widows say that they had been concerned. Manu asks them no longer to fear. Manjiri asks her to hide with them. Manu says I got here here to ask for help and tells that everybody is captive. She says they shall fight with them and shop their own family. She gives them courage to combat. all of them pick out the weapons. Khoob ladi mardani woh toh Jhansi wali rani performs…..Veerbhadra asks squaddies to beheads Gangadhar.

Saku bai smiles and says Gangadhar will die soon. Manu comes retaining the gun and shoots at the soldier who’s about to behead Gangadhar. Gangadhar receives up and starts combating. Manu and the widows’ fight with the bundels. Moropant, Tatya guru and others also fight with bundels. Saku bai thinks this manu has made vulnerable widows as robust squaddies. Nana Saheb also fights with the bundels. Gangadhar looks at Manu. Manu saves him once more. He fights with bundels once more. They fight with bundels once more together. Moropant, Peshwa and others are glad. the pinnacle of bundels try to separate them by diverting their attention. The infantrymen attack Moropant. Gangadhar asks her to assist Moropant and says he will manage them. The bundel head throws a heavy pot on Gangadhar’s head and is set to behead him. Manu calls Tatya Guru. Tatya guru calls nana saheb. They bend down. Manu jumps on them and flies excessive, and cuts the pinnacle of bundels head. different bundels get greatly surprised and run out of Palace.

Smith comes to Ross and says a bad news and says might be queen made the bundels run away with the widows’ navy. Ross receives disillusioned and says we could go to Palace and pacify maharaj. Veerbhadra comes to Saku bai and says now Maharaj will recognize which you are at the back of the attack. Saku bai makes him bite with the snake. She makes her hairs rough to seem like a sufferer.

Manu wipes Gangadhar’s head with her pallu. Janki and Laccho come there. Laccho says thank god, our maharaj is exceptional. Janki says she prays for him day and night and thanks God. Gangadhar says yes, and says God has selected Manikarnika to shield you, and that’s why she saves me from death each time, being stubborn. everybody smiles. Gangadhar and Manu appears at every other.

Precap Upcoming Jhansi Ki Rani Episode Update: Gangadhar and Manu get married to every different thankfully. Tatya Dikshit asks her to do spouse’s responsibilities. Manu says she will do wife’s obligations as well as desh duties.


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