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The Episode starts with Manu coming again to palace. Smith thinks where is she going and thinks there is truly some thing fishy and follows her. Janki thinks Manikarnika stricken her a lot and says wherein to go looking her. Moropant comes infront of her. Janki asks if she caugh the contamination within the Palace or it’s far when you consider that childhood. Moropant asks what? Janki says she vanishes often and asks wherein is she? Moropant says even i was searching her. Janki says marriage is constant again with a whole lot problem, however your daughter doesn’t care. Moropant says she is a bit woman. Janki says however she goes to be Maharani soon. She says they want her here for the preparations. Moropant says i’m able to make her apprehend and says we shall seek her there. Manu comes to fulfill Manjiri. Manjiri says you came within the ordinary get dressed. Manu says i can inform you later. They ask what you need to eat and asks her to have sweets. Manu says she got here to kitchen to get kathal vegetable. Manjiri gives her. Manu asks them about Maharaj’s liking and thanks them. Smith thinks what the cook dinner is doing right here? Manu thank you them and is leaving, while Smith comes infront of her. He asks what are you doing within the Palace and what’s inside the basket. Manu says you don’t have anything on your English rasoi so I came to get kathal. Smith says you have to make meat. Manu says what you may feed to vegetarian people and asks him to transport from her manner. He thinks vegetarian humans are few then a lot kathal. He thinks something is fishy and thinks to speak to Ross.

Manu and Kashi cut the kathal. Kashi asks if it tastes like meat. Manu says if it’s miles cooked in sarso oil then it tastes like meat. Smith hears her and goes to inform Ross. He comes to Ross and says i’ve to tell you something very crucial. just then statement is made that Maharaj Gangadhar is coming there. Ross welcomes there and says i am glad to peer you here. Smith tries to inform Ross again, but Ross asks him if he invited Manu. Smith says he couldn’t discover her, and says he needs to inform some thing essential. Ross asks him to close up. Smith thinks how to find out about the prepare dinner, Ross isn’t equipped to listen. Gangadhar and Ross sit to have food. Manu and Kashi come there hiding their face and serve meals to them. Ross says it is smelling accurate, i hope the dish is as tasty as its smell. Gangadhar appears at the meals and says it’s miles my favored and asks Ross how he got here to recognize. Manu says i found it. Gangadhar tastes it and says it is very tasty. Ross asks how do that it is maharaj’s favourite dish. Manu says similar to Maharaj takes care people, we as his praja looks after him. Ross coughs and says it’s far very spicy. He says I didn’t have such tasty meat in his lifestyles before. Smith says I need to inform you some thing. Ross asks him to bypass the water. Manu and Kashi smile from outdoor.

Ross coughs and receives teary eyes, and eats it. Kashi says he didn’t know that he is eating kathal. Manu says he’ll recognise inside the morning about the indian spice effect. Kashi says I think that we will get stuck when you opened your mouth. Gangadhar says food is absolutely tasty. Kashi asks how do you manage the entirety well. Manu says with self esteem as it’s miles step one to success. Tatya asks them to come from there and says we have received. Manu says Ross were given the defeat. Ross gets sweating and wipes his face. Gangadhar says it’s miles very tasty. Ross says someone defeated from me today, and asks him to bet who is she? Gangadhar asks who changed into she? Ross says your would be queen, and tells about their mission. He says Ross is never wrong. Gangadhar appears on. Janki comes infront of Manu and acknowledges seeing her chin. Moropant is familiar with she is Manu. Janki lifts her veil and sees her face. Moropant says Manu and asks why did you wear such clothes. Janki says her silence may be damaged infront of Maharaj and take her with her. Tatya guru is hiding and thinks to do something. Ross asks Smith where are the ones terrific chefs, they made such extremely good meals, it turned into very highly spiced, but very tasty. He says I want to offer them prize. Smith says they left. Ross asks him to name them. Gangadhar says even I want to present them prize, name them. Smith says but sir.

Janki brings Manu and Kashi there. Ross and Gangadhar see their face and are shocked. Ross gets up from his chair. Gangadhar asks what are you doing here in commoner’s garments. Ross says would be queen loves to act, now fancy dress show. He says what become the want to become prepare dinner, she ought to have grow to be Rani or Pari. He smiles and says that lamp’s name turned into Pari also, whom you wanted to keep, however couldn’t save it. Manu says who informed you that I couldn’t save our Pari. Ross asks actually, you started mendacity. He says it takes place when someone loses, and goes in trauma. Manu says you will be in trauma. She symptoms Kashi. Kashi brings lamp Pari there. Ross is shocked. Gangadhar is surprised. Manu tells the doha and says whom Sai desires to be alive, no one can harm him. She asks how he appreciated their Hindustani Dawat. Smith recalls Manu telling that they’ve nothing in his british kitchen. Manu asks Ross to see Pari and says it’s far alive. Ross says just now I devour it, now it have become alive. Smith says that I desired to tell you and says anything you just had is a vegetable. Manu asks him to listen to his chamchas and says our Hindustani masala defeated your English flavor. Ross asks what?

Gangadhar thinks so this turned into the purpose for Maharani’s avatar to shop a lamp and he or she made my favourite meals too. He smiles contemplating her phrases that she wants to emerge as Jhansi ki rani. Ross says take the lamp lower back. Manu asks him to prevent and reminds him about their assignment. He says you lost the challenged and i’ve gained it. Ross says but you have cheated. Manu says what you have completed on the pretext of Lagaan/tax. She tells Gangadhar that britishers desired to brutally kill harmless Pari and other animals. Ross asks Gangadhar to make her apprehend and says she won the mission by means of trick and now complaining to you. Gangadhar says i was not a part of this challenge and don’t need to turn out to be a part of the choice right here.

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