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The Episode starts with Gangadhar training sword fight with a soldier. He defeats him and continues sword on his neck. Manu comes and claps. She says I never saw someone fighting with swords and says this is wrong, he have handiest one sword, and you’ve two. Gangadhar says this isn’t always a infant’s sport and says that is pretty tough to combat with the sword. Manu asks him to offer her a chance to combat with him with sword. Gangadhar says i can combat with you the usage of one sword. He reveals her suitable at the sword preventing. He asks what brought her here? Manu says you shouldn’t have given permission to britishers for railways. Gangadhar says he has to think many elements earlier than taking a selection. He says you observed all of my selections wrong. Manu and Gangadhar preserve to combat. Manu says your choice will result in people horrific future. Gangadhar tells that it will gain his people. Manu tells that britishers desired to transport to Britain and also cotton, coal and our every resources. Gangadhar asks how do you understand? Manu recalls listening to Ross and Governor popular. She tells that what is vital is she were given the right info at right time. Gangadhar asks her to make arrangements of Marriage and tells that the politics is of man and not girl, and tells that a girl can’t do guy’s work. Manu assaults him and makes his sword falls down. She says a lady can try this, if given a chance. She returns his sword to him.
Janki meets Tailor and asks him if he is mad to pick out reasonably-priced material for Maharani, and thinks he has selected right fabric for her, as she merits this. She then asks Tailor if she shall deliver in written. Tailor says that is Maharani’s choice. Janki cuts the cloth with scissor and tells that she is Rani of Jhansi and he shall pay attention her. She says Manu gets what she offers her in charity, and thinks she will be able to have many fights inside, that she might be left with no power to combat outdoor.

Saku bai thinks this is the remaining danger to kill Gangadhar. Laccho Bai thinks Gangadhar forgives her soon and thinks she and her son will live their life. Manu asks Tatya guru if some krantikari can help her. Tatya guru thinks Ross kept his sky behind them. Manu thinks why am I asking you, how you will understand. Tatya Guru thinks he’s your father, krantikari bharat. Manu tells that bharta had risked his existence to keep Shiva Bhao. Moropant comes there. Tatya Guru asks him to come back and tells that Guru and Shishya’s speak are taking place. Moropant looks out and sees spy within the crowd. He tells that he has critical paintings and goes. Tatya guru thinks he’s going to do gurus responsibility. Manu says she can do some thing and tells if the purpose is robust then even stones soften and so on.

Ross, Smith and others are seen asking the villagers to drag the teach. The villager men pull the engine of the educate. The infantrymen beat and torture the man. Manu and Tatya come there. Manu says this is the yantra whom britishers name rail gaadi, but I don’t suppose it’s far full gaadi. Tatya Guru says this might be engine. Ross talks to the british enginer and asks him to make the road geared up for the song. They preserve the bomb within the manner and blast the area. Manu gets an concept and tells Tatya Guru that they’ll use this bomb to explode their yantra. Tatya says these britishers have this explosive. Manu asks if krantikaris have such explosives. Tatya says handiest britishers have this explosives. Manu tells that they will steal explosives from britishers and tells that it is a good deed and no longer a sin. Tatya says i can discover wherein they have stored. Meera, a Dasi comes to Manu and tells that janki is searching her. Manu asks Tatya Guru to go looking the vicinity. She is going.

Manu involves Palace. Janki scolds her and asks if she is Kasturi and i’m a deer. She reminds that tomorrow is sakarpura and marriage is at the 7th day. Manu says i remember. Gangadhar hears her and thinks vahini saheb shall now not be rude together with her. Janki name callings Manu saying she has no mother. Gangadhar coughs. Janki turns to him and asks him to peer the jewelry. Jeweller indicates the jewellery for Maharani. Tatya guru tells that 7 days are close to. Manu asks him to tell about Sakarpura rituals. Tatya guru tells about the rituals. Manu says she used to experience others marriage in Bhitoor. Gangadhar looks at Manu as she smiles. Manu reminds of his condition and thinks she will not be unhappy to sacrifice her happiness.

Janki asks Gangadhar to pick a necklace for her. She asks if he can’t take judgement and asks him to invite Manikarnika, and then says she don’t like your decision. Manu says she don’t like these jewelry and tells that if the jewellery is used for human beings’s betterment and say they are able to use it to pay animal tax. She says she will be very happy. Janki asks how she can consider this extraordinary things. Manu replies to her that it’ll not be true if she is carrying jewellery and her humans are in distress. She leaves. Janki tells Gangadhar that Manu has no hobby in marriage. Gangadhar shouts at her and asks if she has no interest in his marriage, and says you are continually badmouthing about her. He reminds that she had chosen her for him. Janki gets upset and indignant. She tells Bhavani that Maharaj scolded her because of Manu. Bhavani says she may be very smart. Janki asks her to concentrate cautiously and tells that she will be able to’t smash her photograph infront of Maharaj. She thinks of Manu’s words and asks bhavani to deliver her jewellery. She thinks to play a new conspiracy in new way.

Precap: Manu and Tatya Guru visit scouse borrow the explosives. Manu convinces Tatya guru for doing some thing risky. Gangadhar searches for Manu. Manu lies in the pit, at the same time as Tatya guru puts sand on her, hearing britishers’ car coming there.


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