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Kashi comes there and tells that Maharani is leaving the castle. He inquires as to why? Kashi says she didn’t tell anything and have pressed her stuff. Laccho bai asks Janki and Saku to see Maharaj setting off to Manu’s room. Gangadhar goes to her room and finds the letter left by Manu with the blade. He peruses the letter where Manu composes that she is noting him with the letter as he kept in touch with her letter. He supposes what is this whimsicalness. Kashi comes there and says Palanquin is sticking out. He is going on and thinks why she is breaking connection with him for a little battle.

Janki peruses Manu’s letter and gets upbeat. She says she is fruitful today. She says my arrangement to demonstrate her letter is fruitful. Saku bai asks when did you plan this? Janki requests that her be upbeat. Laccho says Maharaj may stop her. Janki requests that her tell truth. Saku says she is directly as Maharaj is under her enchantment. Manu is leaving and came to Palace, marriage with Gangadhar and so on… Gangadhar comes there and requests that her stop. He asks what is this? He says I admonished you for getting rowdy with Vahini Saheb and you chose to leave the Palace. Manu says you can admonish me and inquires as to whether her slip-up is big to the point that he requested that her leave. Gangadhar asks did I say? Manu demonstrates the letter. Gangadhar asks when did you get this letter? Manu says today. Gangadhar supposes I gave this letter to Vahini Saheb long back and thinks to scrutinize her. He calls his vahinis and asks them.

Lachho says it was a decent day and after that says tragic day. Janki says she had kept this letter around then, however not currently. Gangadhar reveals to Manu that he had composed this letter when she used to go at evenings. He gets some information about the letter and apologizes to her. He says on the off chance that you consider leaving the Palace, at that point you will see my dead face. Manu keeps her hand on his lips and embraces him. Gangadhar asks her not to go leaving him. Janki thinks Manu have done enchantment.

Manu informs Kashi regarding the letter. Kashi says it was in my room, as I had kept it with the goal that you don’t peruse it. She says how it went to your room. Manu says Janki Bai did this. Kashi says she detests you. Manu reviews and reveals to her that Janki destroyed her first visit/pratham darshan. She says I couldn’t make sense of her point. Kashi says you have shown a thing or two to britishers, however couldn’t recognize the adversaries here. Manu tells that she thought her as Aai, yet she never viewed her as her girl.

Kashi says what is the explanation behind the disdain. Manu says Jhansi’s beneficiary for singhasan. She reviews and discloses to Kashi that she had met a woman who had slaughtered Rama Bai and her infant. She says Janki doesn’t need me to join with Gangadhar and have a beneficiary. She says these things are associated. Janki tells bhavani that the battle is two sided now and she will take Ross help. Bhavani says he will support you. Janki says I need to build the retribution fire.

Manu reveals to Kashi that she won’t let anything happen to her suhaag and says she won’t leave Janki. She says we need to get proofs against Janki else maharaj won’t trust me. She asks Kashi to hear her cautiously and shares her arrangement with her. She says I need baba’s assistance to execute this arrangement. She meets Moropant and requests that he search Daai Maa. Moropant said that you had said that she was tossed out of town because of disease. She requests that he search her outside the town or in the lair. She says we need to accomplish something extremely quick as it is perilous to remain with adversary who realizes that I know reality. He says alright.

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