Jharkhand: Anushka Sharma Expresses Anger On Twitter Over Jamshedpur Gangrape Case
Anushka Sharma (Image Credit: Instagram / Video Grab)

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, along with Team India, went on a tour of West Indies this day. During this, photos of Anushka and Virat Kohli also appeared on social media. Even though Anushka is spending time with her husband Virat outside the country, these actresses are very angry with the gang rape and murder of the country. Anushka Sharma has demanded that the guilty should be punished so severely that the next time they are afraid to do such a terrible thing.

In fact, a 3 year girl in Jamshedpur of Jharkhand was kidnapped and gang raped by the railway station. After which, his head was separated from the fuselage. After this incident, Anushka tweeted expressing her anger and said that the girl who was sleeping with her mother at the railway station would be raped and she was raped and murdered. I am very angry with this event. I appeal that the culprits should be severely punished in this case. After seeing the next time, fear before committing such a heinous crime.

Anushka wrote further.

Tell you that on 25th of December, a person named Rinku Sahu stole a 3-year-old girl from her mother near Tatanagar railway station premises. His handiwork was captured in CCTV camera. On the basis of which the police arrested Rinku Sahu from his house on the basis of CCTV footage. Rinku told that he had accomplished this event with his friend Kailash Kumar. Although after a lot of inquiries, the two accused failed to say that where is the head of this baby girl?

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