Jiji Maa 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Falguni, Vidhaan and inspector finding Niyati and Laddoo. They attain a residence and pass to test. They discover the door locked. Inspector breaks the lock and receives in. They don’t see every person. Falguni prays for them. Devraj takes Niyati and Laddoo and asks them nt to act smart. Laddoo shouts for help. Niyati asks Devraj to go away Laddoo. Devraj alternatives him and goes. Niyati falls down.

She is added home. the physician checks her and says she has were given head damage, we are able to tell something proper now. Uttara looks on. Police come home to speak to Falguni. Inspector says we are able to get assist once Niyati gets conscious and offers us a declaration about Devraj, now Devraj can’t run away. Uttara thinks if Laddoo informed Niyati approximately me, then Niyati will tell truth to them. Abhishek says Suyash has a correct fate, how shall I kill him. Uttara comes and says there are numerous ways to kill him, you may use Laddoo, he is Suyash and Falguni’s son. He receives greatly surprised. Vidhaan says we will deal with Niyati right here. Abhishek calls her and threatens her approximately Laddoo.

He says you need to meet me in case you need Laddoo. She is of the same opinion to meet him. Jayant says we can’t permit you to go alone. Falguni says no, I need to cross by myself, Vidhaan stays right here and deal with Niyati. Falguni comes to meet Abhishek and asks who are you, where is Laddoo, depart him, what do you need. Goons prevent her. Abhishek says its difficult however you may refuse. He says I’ve Laddoo safe with me, don’t you accept as true with me. She talks to Laddoo. Laddoo calls her Maa. She cries. Abhishek asks her to kill Suyash if she wants to see Laddoo. She gets shocked and thinks of Suyash and Laddoo. She goes. Abhishek and Uttara smile. Laddoo says you in no way loved me, you understand my real mother and father, allow me to go to them, they’re clearly quality, they may love me a lot.

Devraj says I’ve spent a lot on you, I gained’t pay attention to you, I’ve killed Chamki to get you, now Falguni will kill Suyash to get you. Laddoo receives greatly surprised. Falguni meets Suyash and asks for his help. He refuses. She says we will get Laddoo in case you assist me, simply inform me whom do you doubt. He says forestall it, you want to behave fantastically by way of saving me, are you not worn-out gambling such video games. She says i will get Laddoo back, he called me Maa, I won’t permit your enemy take hold of him, you have to assist me. He refuses. He says you have got made my existence hell, what’s going to you snatch from me. She points a gun at him and says your existence…. He gets taken aback. She says I had asked your help, however you refused, I need to choose any one of you, my husband or my son. He asks her to shoot him. She shoots him. He falls down.

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