Jiji Maa 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Every person crying for Suyash. Uttara acts mad and asks is he sleeping. Vidhaan stops her. Inspector says we will do the post mortem first and then give up the dead body for very last rites. They take Suyash away and arrest Falguni. Uttara goes to give top information to Abhishek. She says nobody can store Falguni now, do something with Laddoo, he isn’t useful to us now. She says now I will rule on this house. Falguni is in lockup. She thinks of Suyash. Laddoo comes. She gets happy to see him. She asks are you exceptional. He scolds her for killing her dad. She says I did this to prevent. He says I by no means got my dad’s love, I may want to have got his love, you snatched him from me, didn’t you have any other manner. She says no.

He asks who told you, did you kill him to save me. He shouts. She receives bowled over while he disappears. Her dream ends. Constable asks her to have meals. Jayant cries and says I were given Falguni here and didn’t pay attention to Suyash, see the result now. Vidhaan says Suyash could have additionally now not imagined this, we ought to get Laddoo returned. Constable asks Falguni why did she kill her husband, does she have an affair. Falguni sits silent. Vidhaan talks to Niyati. She says Falguni killed Suyash, we continually wished this own family to unite, Falguni broke this dream, Suyash isn’t any extra. Falguni makes an excuse of stomach ache and asks the constable to assist. Laddoo cries for Suyash. Devraj says I m announcing the fact, your dad is dead. Laddoo asks why. Abhishek receives glad and tears Suyash’s p.c. He gets some news. He goes to fulfil Falguni. He switches off the lighting while she comes. Vidhaan thinks to find Laddoo. He checks Falguni’s smartphone and tries to liberate it. He calls on the kidnapper’s number. He says maybe kidnapper knows that I m calling from Falguni’s phone. He calls the kidnapper. He thinks to provide the quantity to the police.

Falguni says i have run away from police custody for the sake of my son. Abhishek laughs and says Laddoo is lucky to get a mum like you, however, will he be capable of seeing you now, there may be no use now, Laddoo is useless. She gets bowled over. He says I m joking to celebrate, i will provide you with your son. He asks her to pull away. She turns. He points a gun at her returned. Vidhaan gets satisfied seeing Niyati aware. He offers her medicines. She says you were worried for me. He cries. She asks what took place. He says Suyash is no more. She asks what. He says Falguni had shot him, she had confessed the crime. She says Uttara is doing this, she has pressured Falguni. He asks what. She says Uttara is great, she is simply performing mad. She tells the whole lot. He gets greatly surprised. Abhishek threatens Falguni and asks her to wander off with the aid of taking her son. Falguni says no, I’m able to see you. She turns. He shoots in the air. She receives bowled overseeing him. He smiles.

Precap:- Falguni says we will leave the country. Abhishek says higher leave the world. He points the gun at her.

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