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The Episode starts offevolved with Devraj asking Laddoo now not to head everywhere. Laddoo irritates him and asks why are we walking away. Devraj threatens to shoot him. Laddoo gets scared. Devraj then hugs Laddoo and thinks I had to kill my spouse due to Suyash, if I must kill you, I received’t suppose. Falguni, Niyati, Suyash think of Laddoo and cry. Niyati reminds that Laddoo always brought Suyash and Falguni collectively. Suyash says Falguni has lied to me, i will never forgive her. Uttara receives geared up and thinks I were given the reputation, as soon as i get the whole lot, i will get the power as nicely, I won’t leave Suyash. She calls Abhishek. He asks wherein are you. She says i’ve an amazing plan to kill Suyash. Jayant is going to call her for breakfast. She maintains the cellphone and acts mad in front of Jayant. He feels bad. She fools him. Vidhaan asks

Suyash to consider Falguni’s words another time. Suyash says no, just consider locating Laddoo. Uttara asks for laddoo to eat. Jayant asks her to sit. Suyash says I don’t care if she receives great or now not.
Suyash receives insulting Uttara. Uttara receives indignant and controls. Suyash calls her a Naagin. She screams in anger and takes a knife to stab him. They get greatly surprised. She laughs aloud and then her dream ends. She eats food and thinks i’m able to kill you proper now, but i can’t ruin my future. Suyash gets Laddoo’s name. Kidnapper makes Laddoo speak to Suyash. Laddoo asks Suyash to return and keep him. Suyash gets bowled over. Kidnapper asks him to return on my own. Suyash leaves to save Suyash. Laddoo scolds the kidnapper and runs away.

Vidhaan calls Falguni and says Suyash has were given kidnapper’s name, he has gone to keep Laddoo. Laddoo flees and runs on the road. He sees Suyash going and shouts to him. Suyash turns to peer. He misses to peer Laddoo. Devraj takes Laddoo. Laddoo says the goon has known as Suyash at cliff, shop Suyash. Devraj hugs him. He says i’m able to cope with Suyash. Abhishek aims at Suyash. Uttara asks him to shoot Suyash and stay on call so that she can listen Suyash’s screams. Abhishek smiles and is close to kill Suyash. Suyash looks for Laddoo and shouts out. He gets bowled over seeing Falguni getting police. He says i’m able to’t shoot Suyash now, else i’m able to get caught. He runs away. He scolds Suyash for buying police along. Suyash receives irritated seeing the police with Falguni. He angrily asks her to kill her. They argue. He asks Suyash to do away with Falguni.

Jiji Maa 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Falguni says i will locate Laddoo. Uttara says Laddoo is Suyash and Falguni’s son and can unite them. Laddoo receives shocked to recognize this.

Jiji Maa 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa Main Cast is as under

Tanvi Dogra ( Falguni Rawat )

Bhavika Sharma ( Niyati Rawat )

Pallavi Pradhan ( Uttara Devi Rawat )

Dishank Arora ( Suyash Rawat )

Shubhashish Jha ( Vidhaan Rawat )

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