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The Episode begins with Uttara shouting how did Suyash get stored once more, I should kill him. She throws matters and hurts herself. Jayant comes. She acts mad. He is going to get medicines. Niyati and Vidhaan talk on name approximately Suyash and Falguni’s fight. He says matters will get nice after they unite, I couldn’t find Laddoo, I want I ought to do some thing for them. Suyash says you may do one component. Niyati sees Falguni crying. Falguni feels horrific. Niyati consoles her. Suyash scolds Vidhaan. Vidhaan shouts you have were given blind in anger. Falguni asks why do I have to undergo so much pain. Niyati says just Lord can solution this, he has that will help you.

Vidhaan says you don’t listen to absolutely everyone and assume just you’re right, you are my brother, i would need your good, Falguni is your wife, she can’t wish awful for you, she issues for you, so she were given police, Laddoo is not with you, its because of you, you simply need matters to be as you wish. Suyash scolds him for taking Falguni’s aspect. Vidhaan says you forgot all family members before. Suyash leaves angrily. Falguni says i will no longer sit in peace, i will fight with the world but get my baby returned, i can move any restriction for saving my husband and infant. Niyati says i will continually be with you. They hug.

Abhishek and Devraj have a communicate. They drink. Abhishek says Suyash has a golden fate, assume how to kill him. Devraj says we will kill him when he’s in police custody. Abhishek asks how. Devraj says police is in my hands, we need to give them cash. Abhishek laughs. Laddoo hears this and gets stunned. He remembers Falguni’s words and attempts to exit. Goons beat up employees by means of taking Suyash’s name. Bina gets taken aback. Uttara seems on and hides her face. She sees Laddoo coming and concerns. She stops him and asks what are you doing right here. He says i’ve come to alert him, my dad and Abhishek need to kill him. She says but he is not at domestic, Suyash has long gone to workplace, come i can take you there. Vidhaan asks Suyash to signal papers. Suyash says saving Laddoo is imp. Vidhaan says they’re the usage of Laddoo to hurt you, Falguni isn’t incorrect, police will assist you. Inspector comes and says yes, we’re here to assist, we ought to arrest you.

Suyash and Vidhaan get taken aback. Inspector says you purchased the people attacked. Suyash says I didn’t do something. Inspector suggests evidence. They see video. Suyash says its a lie, I m being framed. Inspector says say some thing however in court docket, we got a warrant. Vidhaan says i’m able to speak to attorney. Laddoo asks how lengthy will we stroll. Uttara says you adore Suyash, you may do something for Suyash. Laddoo says sure. She asks can you die for him. She suffocates him. Devraj stops her and takes Laddoo. She says Laddoo is Suyash and Falguni’s son, he can unite them. Devraj and Laddoo get stunned. Devraj asks her no longer to worry, he received’t permit Laddoo run. Bina tells the whole thing to Falguni. Falguni sees injured people. Falguni says I trust you, but I realize Suyash nicely, he can’t try this, in no way, take grievance back. they decline and scold her. She says i’ve supported you, I m with Suyash this time, I know he isn’t wrong. Devraj receives Laddoo to his region. Laddoo scolds him for seeking to kill Suyash. Devraj says you won’t meet your actual dad, he could be demise in prison this night. He laughs.

Jiji Maa 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Abhishek sends goons to kill Suyash in lockup. Laddoo messages Falguni to keep Suyash.

Jiji Maa 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Jiji Maa Main Cast is as under

Tanvi Dogra ( Falguni Rawat )

Bhavika Sharma ( Niyati Rawat )

Pallavi Pradhan ( Uttara Devi Rawat )

Dishank Arora ( Suyash Rawat )

Shubhashish Jha ( Vidhaan Rawat )

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