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Maham Anga wondering about who helped Chand Begum to send a message to Jalal. She asks Chand begum for the region of the treasure else she will kill her. She threatens Chand begum to kill her child if she doesn’t inform her of the place of the treasure. Chand Begum receives scared. but she doesn’t inform something to Maham Anga.

There may be a flashback while Chand Begum became considering the treasure which Emperor Humayun had kept for her toddler however she is getting threatened because of the treasure. She also stocks it with Maham Anga. but that point Maham Anga attempts to ask Chand begum for the region of the treasure. She changed into livid when you consider that then for Chand Begum. while Chand Begumscolds Maham Anga, Maham threatens her. Chand Begum runs from there along with her toddler. Maham Anga asks Chand Begum approximately what she did with Gauhar begum when she defended Chand Begum. Chand Begum offers her child to a person else as their vicinity receives attacked by their enemy. Maham continues on looking for her.

Next scene after the flashback, Jodha begum is combing her hair. through that time Jalal comes there and he maintains watching her. He sleeps on her bed. Jodha Begum receives tensed. He begins flirting along with her. Jodha begum blushes. He sees an infant swing for Ruquiya begum’s toddler. Jalal likes her mind. He movements the baby swing. however, Jodha begum tells him that it isn’t always top to transport it. Jalal understands it. He appreciates Jodha begum for having such present equipped for the baby who gets delivery. Jodha begum feels that they need to be usually together. Jalal guarantees her to be along with her continually.

Later Maham recollects the time whilst she noticed Chand begum on the road however she changed into residing like a beggar. She sees that Chand Begum has nearly gone mad she doesn’t have her toddler together with her. She traps Chand begum but she notices that Chand begum hasn’t diagnosed her. She keeps on asking approximately the treasure area but Chand Begum doesn’t inform her whatever.

In every other scene, Shahnaz involves to see her mother. Her mother concerns if a person involves knowing about her plan of taking revenge from Jalal. but Shahnaz asks her now not to fear as she is imposing her plan very well.

On the opposite aspect, Ruquiya begum is having Hookka. Hoshiar asks her not to have it because it is probably dangerous for her health and additionally for her child. however, Ruquiya begum scolds her. by means of that point, Ruquiya begum learns that Jalal is coming. She leaves Hookka as she gets scared. whilst Jalal comes in, he sees Ruquiya begum making the smoke away. He scolds her as he learns for the Hookka. by using that time Hoshiar comes there with some other Hookka. Jalal fires Hoshiar and asks her to take again all of the Hookkas from Ruquiya begum’s room. He makes Ruquiya begum to be cautious for the fitness of their toddler. Ruquiya begum promises him that she can not contact Hookka henceforth. She diverts him by means of asking him to spend some time together with her. Ruquiya begum does some talks with him. within the subsequent scene, Jodha begum involves Ruquiya begum’s room.

She sees Ruquiya begum is sound asleep. She asks Ruquiya begum to awaken and feature the drugs. Ruquiya begum denies having the medicine. by means of that point, Jalal comes there. Jodha begum informs him that Ruquiya begum behaves like a kid when it comes to having the medication. Mallika-A-Azam and Jalal ask her to have it. So Ruquiya begum beverages it as she has no option. Mallika-A-Azam ties a holy thread for her goodness. Jalal also informs Ruquiya begum that Mallika-A-Azam has requested some other unique Haqima for her take a look at up. Ruquiya begum gets tensed. She tries to keep away from checking however Jalal also supports Mallika-A-Azam for that. Ruquiya begum feels that if her mystery well-known shows then Jalal will pass far away from her forever.

Maham remains looking to understand the map when Ruquiya begum comes there. She tells her approximately the difficulty of Maham Anga. She asks Maham for some solution. however, Maham Anga avoids giving her any proper answer. So Ruquiya begum leaves from there.

Inside the subsequent scene, Ruquiya begum is getting her face implemented with some splendour cream. Hoshiar informs her that the unique Haqima is coming for her test-up from Mathura. Jalal and Mallika-A-Azam come there with the Haqima. Jalal asks the Haqima to do the take a look at up of Ruquiya begum. Ruquiya begum is tensed for that. She does the check-up however says nothing to Ruquiya begum. She goes out to Jalal and Mallika-A-Azam. She tells them approximately her check-up. Ruquiya begum comes there. Jalal says that Haqima has advised him that each of them are wholesome. Ruquiya begum is happy as her secret didn’t get exposed. they all give the credit to Jodha begum who takes care of Ruquiya begum. Ruquiya begum receives furious but she is satisfied as her secret isn’t discovered.

On the other side, Adham Khan takes his sword. Ataga and Todarmalji come out at the main gate. He comes to them. Ataga questions him about it. Adham asks Ataga to have a few exercise with him. Ataga consents for that. Jalal comes there while they may be practicing. Todarmalji tells him that Adham and Ataga are practicing but he sees Ataga were given injured accessible. So he asks Ataga to forestall the practice. Jalal asks Adham to have exercise with him. Adham agrees. Jalal hurts Adham at the same time as their exercise is on. ultimately Adham’s sword receives broken by using Jalal. Adham get defeated through Jalal. Jalal reminds Adham that he isn’t the first-rate worrier in Agra yet as he can not control his anger.


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