Los Angeles: Canadian pop star Justin Bieber hired old photographs on social media on a fan page, including a picture of his romantic moment with singer Selena Gomez. After doing this, the users started trolling Beber. According to the website ‘Asshobjot.com’, Justin-Selena, who was liked by the girl at that time, is sticking to each other and Selena is sitting in her lap. The faces of both are quite close and they seem to know what they are going to do.

People are trying to troll them for being still crushing Selena to the singer’s post of ‘Baby’ song. One, while making fun of this move of Bibar on Instagram, said, “The tea is coming because it is with Selena.” Some people advised the 25-year-old singer to leave Selena alone.

One wrote in the comment section of the post, “This person can not leave Selena alone.” Some people also trolled Beer’s wife, Halley Baldwin. However, Biber has not responded to these comments, but recently he had looted a social media user who accused him of using Baldwin to bring Selena back to life.


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