Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber & his wife Haley Baldwin – Neil Mockford / GC Images / Getty Images

Singer Justin Bieber (24) reported treatment for depression, PEOPLE.com reported.

The official said, “Justin is depressed and exhausted, suffering from mental postcards, receiving help from the surroundings and receiving treatment, he is confident that he will get better soon” Comment and comment. Relationship with Hayley · Baldwin (22) who got married last September is not not good, it has not gone well, it has been kept being chased by paparazzi and fans in the limelight since teens, only surroundings are yes man, more success It is said that it was the cause of depression that the great pressure from parents who wanted to see was pressed. Justin’s public relations have not commented on this case.

Mental instability affects work as well, and in 2017 canceled world tour suddenly. Last year saw the appearance of sudden weeping. In a recent interview with Vogue, Justin had a spirit from being young and successful, revealing the past relying on Xanax (anxiolytics) and the like naked.

I hope Hayley is supporting such Justin, I hope that Justin’s disease will be better for marriage.


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