Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Veer getting ordinary while the old female asks him to forgive her bahu. He asks did I do something once more. Inspector makes an declaration. Veer and anyone disguise. The lady guides the police. She then locks the police. Inspector asks her why did she lock the door. The lady says he’s Lord Kaal Bhairav. Veer, Rajmata and Sia greet the vintage woman. The vintage girl thanks Veer. Thakur is drowsing. He wakes up on hearing a legitimate. He gets bowled over seeing Abhiram lacking. Kaal Bhairav’s shadow passes inside the ward. He gets bowled over seeing Kaal Bhairav taking Abhiram. He wakes up from the dream. Archie says we are able to find idol once more, however we should store Pavitra’s toddler first. She gets Brahmanand’s call. He instructs her. Vandana drops a letter for Thakur.

She asks him to kill Revati, their recreation could be over if Revati tells all of us about them. someone assessments Revati. Archie asks Vandana to present her baby to her in order that they don’t take risk. She says consider me in this, i will get idol. Vandana thinks what to do. She leaves her child. She is going in the automobile. Archie follows her and maintains her toddler. Thakur says if Revati is alive and tells every person about us, no, my son and me will get behind the bars, no manner. He misses to look the nurse taking Revati. He thinks wherein did Revati move. Kashinath takes the nurse’s cover.

Thakur shouts to stop him. Kashinath rushes Revati to the automobile. Vandana calls Brahmanand and says i’ve the idol, I m driving the automobile, Archie is following me, she has my toddler. He guides her to come from the difficult patchy street. Vandana is of the same opinion. Archie follows Vandana. She receives greatly surprised seeing Veer with a baby. She stops the auto and gets down. Vandana seems on. Archie asks what are you doing. Vandana says Brahmanand said his man will come with Pavitra’s toddler, however Veer has the kid, where is my infant. Archie takes Vandana’s child. Vandana rushes to prevent him. Archie asks what is he doing. He is going to attack her. Akshay and Neeraj reach there and get the idol from Vandana’s vehicle. Archie gets again and concerns. Vandana says its my baby, please prevent. Archie worries.

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