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The Episode starts with Vandana asking Veer to prevent. Archie says its me, your Archana. Veer pushes Vandana and is going to hit Archie. Vandana saves Archie and takes her child. Archie says I didn’t do anything. Vandana asks what did my toddler do, you simply punish the sinner. Veer says you’re a sinner, you will get punished. He attacks Archie. Archie asks him to prevent. She cries and turns away. Baba comes there and sprinkles water on his face. Veer receives regular. everyone comes. Veer asks how did i am getting this child. Rajmata takes Pavitra’s baby. Veer says you right here, you had been in jungle, and why is Archie crying, did I harm her. He apologizes to Archie. Rajmata says thank God you didn’t punish each person harmless. Baba says Lord has chosen you to punish sinners. Archie says he has no manipulate on himself.

Baba says Kaal Bhairav’s anger were given calmed after Ganga tub, while you see Veer getting possessed, sprinkle gangajal on him.

Vandana asks how did you attain here. Rajmata says police become chasing us, we got hidden and reached the jungle. facebook shows Sia pronouncing we can’t hide for lengthy, we have to cross. Baba comes to them and tells about Pavitra’s child, he is hungry and stopped crying, he has to get saved. Veer receives possessed and says sinners gets punished, they received’t be stored, their Kaal has come. The goons get Brahmanand’s orders to kill Archie and the toddler upon getting the idol. Veer says you will be punished after harming this child. The goons snort on him and ask did you get mad, get lost, else we are able to kill you too. Veer beats up the goons. The goon receives scared and palms over the kid to him. Veer gets the child.

Baba looks on. Rajmata says Veer gets such attacks. Baba says Kaal Bhairav has come in Veer to punish the sinners. Rajmata thinks can this actually show up. Veer runs after a goon. He sees Archie in the vehicle and receives indignant. He goes to punish her. fb ends. Archie says I think Brahmanand’s human beings can come here any time, we have to simply depart. She reveals the idol lacking. all of them get taken aback. Baba says you have to find that idol, idol has to be purified, you can’t cross back to Rajmahal till then, in case you don’t do that, you gained’t get free of curse. Sia says yes, we have to locate that idol. Archie says we don’t recognise about it. Akshay and Neeraj come to a few house. An antique guy is ill. The female asks him to present poison to his dad and loose him from the pain. the man says i can try and get drug treatments. She shows empty bins of grains. the person asks Lord does he need the same.

Akshay and Neeraj stand outdoor within the rain. the person asks them to come inside until rain stops. The female offers them a few meals. She goes. Akshay thanks them. the person says Lord is like visitor. The female says we have no cash for our meals and pop’s drug treatments, you gave food to them, what will take place if we pray to Lord. She gets depressed. He says maybe you’re announcing the fact. Akshay and Neeraj pay attention them and consume food. the person concurs and says we all will devour the poison after guests go away. The idol shines. Archie and anybody test the CCTV photos. Archie sees the nurse taking Revati and asks who’s this nurse. They see Kashinath. Vandana says Pavitra took Revati’s name, it approach Revati had stolen the idol. Veer receives angry. Baba calms him down via touching gangajal pot to his hand. Akshay and Neeraj get leaving with the idol. the person and the girl cross within the residence to take poison. The bottle breaks. The old guy receives up in strong nation. They get glad. the person says its a miracle, my dad were given dad. The old man says I feel like Lord came to me and gave me energy. The girl says yes, perhaps Lord genuinely came and gave you strength. She apologizes to Lord.

Vandana says don’t recognise who else are with Revati and Kashinath, perhaps Brahmanand is with them. Archie prays that she gets some sign to get the idol lower back. Wind blows. The ink falls down. Archie suggests them the clue. She assessments the uncoloured text and says perhaps this is the cope with. Rajmata says its nearby. Veer says we shall depart. Vandana assessments the paper and thinks how can this manifest, Archie prayed to Lord and she were given the clue. She calls Brahmanand. She gives him the cope with. Akshay and Neeraj are sitting at the same address factor, with the idol.

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