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The Episode starts with Akshay asking someone no longer to worry, he has the idol. He tells Neeraj that everyone is coming and they have to welcome them nicely. Kashinath gets Revati treated. He tells inspector Yashpal that Veer is innocent, he kills the sinners, he punishes the humans as Lord Kaal Bhairav. Yashpal says I gained’t accept as true with this story. Kashinath says you simply realize 1/2 fact, the royal own family is struck with the aid of a conspiracy, those people used me and my brother Bindal in their plan, i was a part of this plan, we had been pawn in the sport, I heard about Brahmanand, he is behind this, Bindal used to mention Brahmanand is among us by means of converting his name, they are playing a sport. Yashpal asks about Lali’s curse.

Kashinath says no, Lali’s curse become by no means in this circle of relatives, it was simply on Vikram, she didn’t die and became struggling with, Vikram didn’t let villagers assist her, Vikram left, Lali got awake and crawled to find her son, she has seen some pujari getting her son, pujari apologized that he didn’t shop her, her son was alive, pujari instructed Lali that Vikram did wrong, cursing Vikram is proper, but cursing his family is incorrect, the children will be innocent, Lali felt she told that during anger, she prayed and took back the curse, just Vikram need to get the curse, no longer the heir, my dad told this own family to me, we also are from this royal family, Vikram snatched our Rajya, since then we hate this royal circle of relatives, someone has used this hatred, but I didn’t kill anyone, I did what i used to be told. Yashpal says in case you didn’t try this, who is at the back of this.

Kashinath says Lali’s heirs are after this, they may be doing this to get Lali’s powers, I wanted to inform you so you go away Veer and find Lali’s inheritor, whilst someone is born in royal family, they are given this, Bindal used to mention that Lali’s inheritor has carried out black magic to instigate their worry and anger, that family became fearful of Kaal Bhairav. Yashpal says there is nothing like black magic, it has a few chemical drugs which creates hallucination. Kashinath says perhaps, Bindal used to do that, I heard Veer was fed this capsules to him, he nevertheless has the affect in him, he thinks he’s Lord. Yashpal says supply me this bracelet, i will get this examined in lab, who is Lali’s inheritor. Kashinath says I don’t recognize, Lali has heir, Gauri Bansal and Brahmanand, and perhaps their kids, I were given Brahmanand’s name, he wanted me to kill Revati, Revati learnt his reality. Revati receives aware. Kashinath asks her to take it smooth. She faints. He says I without a doubt love Revati, I did many errors, store my Revati, I m prepared to bear any punishment. Yashpal calls constable and arranges police protection.

The goons come there and see Neeraj with the idol. The goon says I notion the idol is steeply-priced and there is navy to guard it, this mad guy is sitting by myself. He asks Neeraj to offer the idol to him. Neeraj refuses. The goon threatens. Akshay spreads a few powder there. The goons get hallucinating by means of the powder affect. Veer says sorry for raising hand on you, I killed many humans, I don’t recognize why am I doing this. Archie says don’t suppose this, you didn’t kill every person, now I know a way to calm your anger. Veer says we are able to move ahead.

Sia says our vehicle broke down, the way isn’t finishing. Archie sees a person and asks the cope with. the person says you will get the idol at the temple now, the one you are locating isn’t at the deal with. She sees the person disappearing. Rajmata asks what passed off, there may be no one. Archie says simply now that man turned into right here, he advised me that we’re going to wrong area, we should go to temple. Sia says there was nobody right here, I idea you are self talking. Veer says maybe it changed into your idea. Archie says no, I simply noticed him. Baba says you are blessed by way of Kaal Bhairav, he has shown you the way. They reach the region and spot the goons unconscious. the person says they got here to take the idol after which they have got crushed every different. Archie asks did you see the fellow with the idol. the person says sure, he has long gone that way.

Archie says baba changed into proper, Lord gave me the cope with of the idol. Vandana thinks Brahmanand has idiots in his crew, I ought to pass and get the idol first. Veer asks how did that guy appear. the man says that guy held idol tightly, he was behaving like a child. Inspector tells Yashpal about Veer punishing the individuals who did sins. Yashpal says it manner Veer is ill, did you discover Lali’s inheritor. Inspector says yes, we were given names, Gauri Bansal and her brother Brahmanand, Gauri died and her granddaughter was raised through her buddy, she is Archana, the bahu of royal family, Veer’s wife, she doesn’t recognize the reality that she is Lali’s heir. Yashpal says Kashinath is proper, i will arrest Archana, locate Brahmanand and his kids, I need all his info. Archie and all of us are sound asleep. Vandana says Brahmanand’s guys will come and kill all of them. She scolds Pavitra’s son for crying.

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