Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Archie meets with an accident. 24 hours again….. Archie receives greatly surprised seeing Veer throwing a few chemical balls in the room. all people cough and faints. Veer sees them and leaves from the room with the aid of breaking the door. Archie says this will’t occur. Dolly says it means he is Bindal and Kashinath’s relative. Titu says everything is viable right here, it way Revati’s life is in the hazard. Veer kills Revati with the trishul. Kashinath says remarkable Veer, I knew you may kill this circle of relatives. Archie, Dolly and Titu come there and look for Revati. Dolly says so Veer has finished this, i will trust this. Archie receives Revati’s necklace. She shouts to discover Revati. Kashinath tells someone that he did a mistake, he went mad in Revati’s life, he didn’t recognize she is coming to kill him. Veer says don’t do something, I had stored you, you’ve got positioned our whole family at stake, depart and don’t ever come back to us. Kashinath slaps himself and cries. He says my circle of relatives is ashamed due to me, i’m able to kill anybody.

Archie comes domestic. She unearths Veer in his room. She asks what are you doing right here, you have been in that room. Veer says Revati locked all people, we all fainted. Archie says we’ve seen you fainting absolutely everyone, you broke the door and left. He asks what are you finding, I didn’t go anywhere. She says pleasant, then sees the photos. Titu says there is no pictures here. Archie asks how can this appear. Titu says yes, all of the recordings is missing.

Archie asks Veer to come back with her. She indicates the locked door and reveals it exceptional. She says how can this show up, are available with me. She checks the room. She asks where is the digital camera. Veer asks her to stop the nonsense. Archie says we 3 have visible it. Titu says perhaps you have eliminated the digital camera. Veer says you may be cheated, I m also locating Arjun’s own family. Pavitra seems on and thinks I won’t let them kill my toddler. She packs her bag. She says I m going, you furthermore might run away in case you need to store your toddler. Vandana asks Archie to forestall Pavitra. Archie leaves. Veer appears on. Pavitra sees Kashinath driving the automobile and asks him to prevent the automobile. the auto stops. Pavitra takes her toddler and runs. Kashinath follows. She hides from him. She falls down. She gets up. some atypical tribal guys stop her and ask her to present the toddler. She asks them to leave her child. She takes a knife and attempts to shoo them away. The men catch her. Archie comes there and beats them. She asks Pavitra to just run away.

Pavitra takes her baby and leaves. Archie goes after her. She asks Pavitra to return speedily. Pavitra asks her to save the baby, Veer and his circle of relatives will kill the baby. Archie says I’m able to leave you right here. Pavitra says i will stop these men, simply cosy my infant, pass fast. She cries and sends Archie. Pavitra tries to escape and misleads the guys. Veer sees Archie leaving and asks her to prevent the automobile. She asks what are you doing. She races the car away. Veer runs after her car. She thinks how did the brakes fail. She tries to manipulate the auto speed. She hits the tree. the automobile stops. Kashinath takes the video and says I need to maintain proof of their dying, i will wait right here till they die. The petrol leaks. The fire gets ignited. Veer reaches there and attempts to shop Archie and child. Kashinath seems on. Veer receives infant out and also receives Archie out of the auto. Archie receives aware and sees him. He says I received let whatever appear to you. They see the automobile blasting.

No Precap

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