Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 16th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Vandana wondering what to do. Vandana is going. Archie appears for her and thinks wherein did she go. The idol stops shining. Archie gets bowled over seeing the idol missing. Rajmata involves her. Archie says idol has long past lacking, I don’t understand, i’ve seen Vandana and even she disappeared, does Lord want to inform me something. the man shouts get water, a female is fallen unconscious together with her baby. They go and notice Vandana and her child. Vandana gets up and does a drama. She says I wasn’t near the idol, how did I come here. Archie says i’ve visible you close to the idol, we misplaced the idol. Vandana asks how, who took it. Archie says don’t understand i’ve seen you and searched for you, don’t realize who took the idol. a person takes the idol and runs. The woman says its a sin to promote the idols. He scolds her and says how will I manipulate fees with out cash. He receives grasping. He says this idol is magical, i will promote this and have an excellent lifestyles. She says I m glad in this lifestyles, we ought to guard the idol. He scolds her and asks her to get meals for him. He plans to sell the idol.

Inspector sees Veer lying subconscious. Veer gets up and looks round. He sees inspector and asks you here, how did I come here, wherein is my circle of relatives. Inspector says I got here right here for work and got you. Veer says I don’t know anything, we left to find idol, there was some smoke, I ran after goons after which I don’t keep in mind. Inspector says you do an excellent drama, Archie, Rajmata and sadhu were arrested, Archie is extra clever than you, she broke lockup and took Rajmata and Sadhu, you’re a king and you’re on roads, I ought to arrest you, come with me. Veer says i will include you, I ought to locate Archie. Inspector says you don’t appear to be a murderer. Veer says I don’t realize what’s happening, I have to find Archie. Inspector says we will find Archie and all people, don’t understand wherein they are hiding. He arrests Veer.

Archie receives a room in a lodge. She says we are attaining the idol and missing it, we misplaced Veer, Sia and Pavitra’s idol. Rajmata says you don’t forget, Lord will display you a few way. Vandana says baby isn’t napping, i’m able to take him out and are available. She goes and calls Brahmanand. She scolds him for no longer choosing the idol. She says you must have advised me that Archie is likewise Lali’s heir, are you taken aback, i used to be also taken aback seeing her in temple, she wasn’t tormented by idol light, I recognise the powers of idol and disappeared. He says I idea we’re only heirs of Lali’s family, kill Archie and get idol. Vandana says I m with Archie, idol is displaying her route to reach, once I locate idol, we are able to get it. He asks her to be cautious. She sings for toddler and goes. Thakur gets concerned for Abhiram. He shouts for physician. doctor assessments Abhiram. Thakur says nothing have to take place to him. health practitioner says sorry, I don’t assume any doctor can store him, if Lord does a miracle, then its exclusive thing. He goes. Thakur cries. the man calls a client and tells about treasured historical idol. The customer asks where to come back. the man asks him to meet at the identical vintage area. His spouse hears this and prays. Veer says I should store Archie.

Inspector scolds him for killing human beings. He gets a call and asks what, are you certain that its antique idol’s smuggler, where is the deal occurring, include the force. He says Veer you’re fortunate, I got to recognise about idol, we can find Archie additionally, we ought to catch the idols smuggler. They depart. Archie concerns. She sees Kaal Bhairav idol at the television and asks Rajmata to peer. She says something else was playing right here, it got regular, how can this manifest. Rajmata asks was it Lord’s hint. Vandana says sure, perhaps, what was it. Archie says I had seen the idol, many people are demise. Vandana asks how do we realize the cope with. Archie says I see matters on its own. Rajmata says perhaps the idol is in close by village. They depart. Vandana calls and informs Brahmanand. Thakur receives Brahmanand’s name. He tells about Abhiram. Brahmanand scolds him and offers him closing chance. He asks him to get the Utsav idol. Thakur says medical doctor became proper, Lord can save Abhiram, I m coming to take the idol. He leaves.


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