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The Episode begins with the person going to promote the idol to the foreigner. Inspector says Veer, a few pills was administered to you by way of a surgical treatment in early life, because of which you suppose you’re Kaal Bhairav and punish humans. Veer asks what are you saying, what do you mean. Inspector says its not your mistake, but you are harmful for humans now, you may’t be left loose, I think the same chemical is instilled within the idol also which makes human beings perceive their fears. the person sees the foreigner and his guys coming, and receives scared. He visualizes police in them and receives back. the man gets a knife and says don’t come in advance. He fears his arrest. The foreigner asks what are you doing, you have referred to as us here. the man/pujari stabs the foreigner and also kills his guys. the man runs out. Archie says there isn’t any one right here. Rajmata says I m scared. Vandana says don’t fear, nothing will happen to us. They reach the vintage caves and locate the lifeless our bodies. Archie suggests the idol. She alternatives the idol.

Inspector asks Veer to wait for him inside the police jeep. He comes to the cave and catches Archie. He says you are right here with this idol, I knew this. Archie says I were given a touch from Lord and came here. Inspector laughs on jokes on her. He asks her to return along. Archie says we didn’t kill everyone. he’s taking them. Archie meets Veer. He asks in which is Sia, she isn’t with me.

Inspector says i can get shuddikaran achieved for the idol and also you all. The jeep stops. Inspector asks who blocked the street. He gets down and sees Thakur and his men. Archie says its neighbor village’s sarpanch. The goons beat up inspector. Veer looks on and asks the goons to forestall. Thakur goes to get the idol from the jeep. He unearths Veer and each person handcuffed. Archie asks him now not to take the idol.

Archie asks Thakur to prevent. Thakur says no person ought to come after me, understood. He gets leaving in his vehicle. Veer receives angry and breaks the handcuffs. He gets down the jeep and is going to bash up the goons. every body appears on. The goons run away inside the car. Veer follows Thakur and the goon’s car. He runs after the car. Thakur worries. The goon says how can everyone run so speedy. Veer catches the car and prevents it. He says you could’t get stored by means of Kaal, you’ll get the punishment nowadays, you’re sinners. The goon speeds the auto. Veer stops the automobile by means of his hand. He sees Thakur getting away with the idol. Archie takes the important thing from the inspector and frees Vandana and Rajmata. She frees inspector from ropes and receives him to consciousness. Archie says I recognize Thakur would have taken the idol to his son, we should go to sanatorium. doctor says sorry, we couldn’t store your son. Thakur pleads to the idol. The idol starts shining. Thakur sees Abhiram missing. He concerns and looks for him.

He goes out and sees Kaal Bhairav taking his son. He wakes up from the dream. He rushes to Abhiram and sees him alive. He says you may get first-class. He apologizes to Lord and regrets for his mistake. He says I got blind in greed for cash, i’m able to no longer do wrong now, i will no longer permit you to pass in wrong fingers, forgive me, store my son’s life, its not his mistake, forgive us. He sees Abhiram getting conscious. doctor says its a huge miracle, we didn’t think he’ll get aware. Abhiram says dad, to procure the idol, don’t leave Pavitra. Thakur says we can communicate later. health practitioner says he wishes rest, you sit out of doors. Thakur prays and thanks the idol. Veer comes there in anger. Thakur sees him and receives scared. He apologizes and says I shouldn’t have this idol, it ought to be in Kanakgadh, I did a large crime, this idol is yours, I need to present this to you. Veer takes the idol and goes. Thakur receives relieved. Akshay and Neeraj appearance on. Veer sits of their car. Akshay smiles. He says every body is after this idol, it will be with me, I m here just to get the idol, I gained’t lose it so quickly. They smile.

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