Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with inspector telling Archie about the pujari confessing the homicide crime of two humans. Archie says I instructed you that we’re innocent.

He asks them to just help him in getting the idol. He says i’m able to no longer depart that Thakur. Vandana thinks why isn’t Thakur answering. Inspector drops them to the hospital. Rajmata asks Vandana to come back speedy. Vandana thinks to message Brahmanand and inform Thakur about the police.

Rajmata says we will move in and get the idol. Inspector asks about Thakur and goes to look. Vandana thinks what to do, i’m able to lose the idol. Inspector says you are below arrest Thakur. Thakur surrenders. Vandana thinks wherein is the idol.

She offers her child to Rajmata and is going out to name Brahmanand. She asks did you get the idol. Brahmanand says I didn’t get

the idol, my men are outside the medical institution, what is Thakur doing, he is a fraud. Vandana says he has no idol, he is sitting close to his son.

Thakur says i have given the idol to Veer whilst he turned into in his Rudra avatar, I apologized to Lord. Inspector scolds and arrests him. Thakur asks Abhiram no longer to fear, the whole thing could be high-quality now. He leaves. Vandana thinks did Thakur go mad, he will provide our call to police this manner. Rajmata says Veer has no concept about his moves.

Vandana gets a video and a name. She issues and says I feel sick. Archie asks what befell. Vandana says I m feeling some weakness, i can show to a health practitioner and go to motel, you can come there. Archie has the same opinion.

Vandana attends Sharad’s name. He blackmails her and asks her for money. She says high-quality, provide me a while to arrange cash. He consents. She thinks to be cautious of such humans. Archie asks how will we find Veer.

Rajmata says he must come to senses and phone us to inform about him. They go away. Veer is dozing on the road. The humans speak that he looks like he belongs to a very good own family. Veer wakes up and appears around. He thinks what’s this area. He asks the guys to help, however they decline to assist him. Akshay is on call. Neeraj gets the idol from his automobile and says you are not secure right here, i’m able to take you to safe location. He goes. Akshay liquids tea on the .

Neeraj takes the idol and buries it interior a container. He layers up the soil and says idol may be safe right here. Thakur remembers Vandana giving him some chit. He reads it. She scolds him for giving idol to Veer. She threatens him about Abhiram. Inspector scolds him and asks about Brahmanand’s region. Thakur accepts his mistakes and apologizes.

The humans dig up the location for construction. Water expels out. the man says this land turned into so dry, how is the water coming. They get the idol and pray to Kaal Bhairav. Archie and everybody see the news of Kaal Bhairav’s magic. Inspector additionally sees the information. everybody reaches the village to get the idol. Pandit says this idol is magical, its better you depart. Inspector Yashpal introduces himself to pandit and tells him that he has to take the idol with him.

The village head stops them. Vandana thinks where are Dada ji’s men. Rajmata says I m Rajmata of Kanakgadh Rajmahal, this idol is ours. the man asks her to offer a few evidence. Vandana says Archie, you’re Lali’s heir, if Lali’s inheritor lights diya and prays, the idol shines, I heard this from my Dada ji.

Archie says i will give you evidence, I m Lali’s heir, Lali had worshipped to this idol, whenever she had implemented 5 diyas, the idol used to shine, if I m announcing reality, i can do the puja, if the idol shines, then you’ll get the evidence. the person concurs and says if this doesn’t appear, you won’t come right here again. Rajmata asks Archie what’s she doing.

Archie says I do trust in Lord. She does and lighting the diya. She sits praying. The idol shines. each person gets taken aback. Vandana acts. the man says you said genuine, this idol is magical, it perhaps yours, however its found in our village, so the idol won’t pass anywhere, temple will be built up here.

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