Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Neeraj pronouncing Lord will come to punish all and sundry. He laughs. Veer and Archie run to the jungle. He says come rapidly else Lord will punish us. a while again, Archie asks what wrong did I try this Lord will punish me. He says you in no way did something wrong. Akshay suggests them the idol and says it the way its purified and worshipped right here. Veer and Archie pray. Veer says we have to purify the idol again and location it in the temple. Thakur says you reached earlier than us, but I will get it first. Pavitra comes and says I’m able to assist you, I understand you need the diamond from it, I heard you. He says idiot, the idol is extra precious than a diamond, why do you need to assist me. She says 5 crores, I need to head away with my child, I need cash for my baby’s future. He laughs on her greed and accepts the deal. He says do tell me whilst to provide you cash. Veer locations the idol and prays. Archie finds Rajmata concerned and asks what occurred.

Rajmata says I don’t recognize in case you did any mistake, but perhaps you probably did something in beyond that Lord desires to punish you. Archie says I don’t recognize, we got this idol here, someone will try to thieve this idol. Veer says we gained’t permit this take place, we will not region the idol in temple till we discover Lali’s heir, its our obligation to protect the idol. Pavitra thinks it’s hard to take the idol until those guards are here. She offers them tea and faints them. She is going in and apologizes to Lord. She says I m doing this for my toddler’s safety. She takes the idol to Thakur and gives him the idol. She says I will depart with my toddler these days itself. Thakur goes. Her fingers turn black.

Archie meets Acharya and says we got the idol, while can we visit Kashi to purify the idol. He asks how are you going to get the idol earlier than Shivratri. She says we were given it nowadays. He says it will now not stay there for long. She rushes to the palace and reveals idol lacking. She follows some black marks and reaches Pavitra. She asks did you scouse borrow the idol. Pavitra says no. Archie says I had a doubt that someone will scouse borrow the idol, so I had positioned powder at the idol, inform me where did you cover it. Pavitra says I don’t recognise. Archie says I realize you have hidden the idol, inform me. Pavitra says I must feed my baby, leave me. Archie refuses and takes her.

Vandana looks on. Archie says you can’t steal the idol, the threat is on everybody. Pavitra asks why shall I take the responsibility, I’ve stolen the idol to get cash and get away with my toddler from the palace. She pushes Archie and runs. infant cries. Archie asks Pavitra to pay attention. Rajmata asks why is toddler crying, wherein is Pavitra. Vandana says Archie took Pavitra along. Veer seems on. Sia says perhaps infant is hungry. Vandana says Pavitra said she desires to feed the infant however Archie was irritated. child calms down. Vandana says the toddler isn’t shifting. Veer asks Akshay to call physician rapid. Pavitra runs and gets hit to a tree. She falls down. Archie checks her and says she fainted, how do I take him. doctor says child is excellent now, don’t leave toddler hungry, in which is his mum. He asks them to take care.

Rajmata asks is this Archie’s mistake for which Lord will punish her. Veer calls Archie and asks did you take Pavitra forcibly. She says yes, i will inform you the entirety, come speedy, I m in jungle. He involves jungle and shouts Archie, in which are you. She hears him and says I m here. He involves her and asks why did you do this. She says Pavitra has stolen the idol, she fainted down. He says idol is in pujaghar. She says Acharya said idol received’t be there, I have seen it, Pavitra stated she has stolen the idol. He says you did wrong, her infant turned into near death, physician saved him, you did a mistake. She asks what did I do for the idol, I made a mistake. He receives possessed by way of Kaal Bhairav. He says so you admit that you did a mistake, Lord has come to punish you, I m your Kaal, I have come to punish you. She asks what are you saying.

He hits her in anger. She falls a long way. He receives first-class and runs to her. He asks are you great, you have to have not performed this error, include me, Lord will punish you. They run within the jungle. She appears at him shocked and perplexed. He stops her and says you can’t get saved today. She shouts Veer, stop it, go away me. He asks who did this, what happened, we ought to run. He then shouts wherein will you run, Kaal has come. She gets taken aback and asks what’s going on to you. He says whoever does crime in Kanakgadh, i can punish them. She asks did you punish Dolly, Titu and Revati. He says yes. He falls returned and asks Archie to run. He fights together with his cut up persona to save Archie. He says Lord has come to punish Archie. Archie seems on greatly surprised. He goes to her. She falls returned and receives scared.

Revati comes there and hits on his head. Archie gets up. Revati and Archie conceal. They see Veer. Veer shouts Archie, wherein are you…. Archie sees his insanity whilst he shouts like Kaal Bhairav. Sh asks what passed off to Veer. She cries. Revati says prevent, he isn’t your Veer, have a look at him. They see Veer’s twin avatar. Archie asks what are you announcing, Veer isn’t Veer. Revati says he has twin personality, person who loves you plenty and different person who has grow to be Lord, trying to kill you. Archie asks what. Revati says Kashinath advised me that Veer sees everybody doing incorrect, he becomes Kaal Bhairav, he punishes the humans, he tried to kill me too, now you are also a sinner in his eyes, he’s going to kill you too. Archie cries in surprise. Veer shouts Archie, pop out, your Kaal will locate you.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 episode update online story ends.

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