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The Episode starts with Kashinath getting attacking by a thief. The thief receives the locket and chain from him. Kashinath hits on his hand. The thief runs away. Veer collides with him and receives the locket. He goes to torture Dolly. Veer wakes up from this dream. He shouts Archie. He hears Dolly crying and rushes to invite what occurred to her. Sharad says we had found Archie with Dolly in jungle. Rajmata drops the aarti plate with the aid of mistake. Veer’s hand burns. Rajmata worries. Veer asks Dolly who has finished this together with her. Archie tells him the whole lot. She says a person has put burning coal in her mouth, she has misplaced her voice. He asks who become he. Archie says we don’t know, Dolly were given this locket from that guy. Veer assessments the locket. Sharad says maybe Dolly did some sin and Lord punished her.

Neeraj says yes, Lord said sinner will get punished. Veer asks what sin did Dolly do. Akshay says she has common that she has included Titu’s sins, that is her sin. Veer says its now not Lord’s punishment, a person is doing this, i’m able to find him.

He sees Neeraj. He says Neeraj predicts and it really happens, is he doing all this. He is going to Neeraj and beats him for killing harmless human beings. Neeraj says no, don’t beat me, else you will also get punished. Veer beats him and asks who are you, why are you doing this, you are Arjun’s heir proper. Kunika stops Veer. She defends Neeraj. She tells Veer that Neeraj become snoozing in her lap at night time, he become fearful of Kaal. Veer says how can this occur, who killed Titu, who did this with Dolly. Neeraj says Lord did this. Veer says why didn’t Arjun’s own family now not get punished, even Kashinath. Neeraj says Bindal and Bua were given killed proper, perhaps Kashinath didn’t do whatever incorrect. Kashinath says I did no mistake, i’ve just hidden my own family fact, my love for you isn’t wrong Revati, I didn’t kill each person. Revati says you made Rajguru kill Jai. He says trust me, I didn’t recognise Rajguru is trying to kill you each. She says i’m able to no longer forgive you for this, very soon your family will get exposed, i can kill you all. He scolds her. He says you could’t stop this blood game, there may be someone who don’t want this mystery to pop out, they have someone within the palace.

Revati says you’re making a faux tale. He says no, there’s someone who doesn’t want the royal family to have any King, they will play this blood game, I need to move away with you and begin a new life, please agree to me. Revati cries and says quality, i will combat with you, but i’m able to’t stay without you, take me a long way. He asks clearly, are you mendacity to me. She says I want a while to forgive you. He says high-quality, you can take time, we will cross from here, come. He frees her. She hits on his head and faints him. She runs away. Archie thinks whose pendant is that this. She sees royal family p.c. She sees Kashinath wearing the locket. She stumbles and drops the locket. She receives a reminiscence card out of it. She tells Vandana that Kashinath is behind Dolly’s kingdom. She checks the card. She sees the map of the palace. She says maybe Kashinath uses this map, there are numerous approaches under the palace, perhaps he has stored idol someplace and hiding there.

Revati reaches Kunika’s room and sees Neeraj with Kunika. She takes a stone to interrupt the glass. Archie and Vandana come within the secret passage. Revati movements off some shoulders. She hears some sound. She asks who’s right here. She is going to peer. She asks who are you. He says its me, Neeraj. She gets greatly surprised seeing him trapped. He asks for water. She says if this is real Neeraj, who’s there. Vandana gets harm. Archie and Vandana damage the door and get in someplace. They see the Kaal Bhairav idol. Archie says its written that if anybody from the family turns into a king, they’ll get rid of the curse. She asks how is that this feasible. Vandana says the heir can grow to be king even before accomplishing the age of 30 years. Archie says we’ve got to interrupt the traditions. Revati says Kashinath become saying the truth, who’s doing this, is that this fraud Neeraj the character doing this.

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