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The Episode starts with Revati asking Neeraj to awaken. She says I don’t recognise the way, I’m able to take Neeraj, I ought to cross alone. She asks Neeraj no longer to move anywhereshe will be able to come to take him whilst she unearths the way. She sees someone coming and asks is it you Kashinath. She meets a person and asks him to assist her, she is a member of the royal family. She asks what happened, why are you seeing Neeraj like that, did you do that with Neeraj. She receives scared and asks Neeraj to arise, they have to run away. the person slaps her. She faints. Veer asks Archie what is she saying, the idol is real which went lacking, he has to emerge as the king to get rid of a curse. He says its someone’s conspiracy. She says perhaps we get a brand new clue whilst we do that. He says will it’s proper, its a lifestyle that prince

receives topped on the age of 30 years, no one broke this rule. Vandana says suremaybe we run the guideline and face punishment.
Archie says no, the ancestors have made the rule of thumbwe will change this rule, Lord received’t be disenchanted, this become written beside the idol, whilst Lord is showing us the way, why don’t we disenchanted this. Rajmata says satisfactoryif you want this, we can do thisyou are rightwe can area the idol in the temple and then crown Veer as King. Kunika asks why Veer is getting the King’s identify, why can’t Neeraj come to be the king, what did he get from this royal own family. She scolds them. Akshay appears on. Rajmata says this rule can’t be broken, Yash became the king and now Veer becomes the king. She asks them to rush up with the processthe person ties up Kashinath and gets up there. He talks to a person and says all of us is preparing to make Veer the king, our secrets and techniques will be out, we gained’t get something, Veer shouldn’t come to be the King at any cost, kill him. Kunika says injustice happens with us whenever we need to forestall the royal crowning. fake Neeraj says don’t do any mistake, Lord will punish you. She slaps and scolds him. She asks him to get the mindset of a king. She says how did you change, I need to supposea way to stop Veer’s Rajya Abhishek.

Kunika meets Sharad and asks what are you doing. Sharad says you’re the queen. She says no, I bow right down to others, Queen receives a standing until there may be no king. Sharad asks who’s the king here. She says the whole thing will alternate, royal own family is making Veer the king, they are breaking the guidelines all over again. She instigates human beings. The pandit does prayers. everybody prays within the temple. Veer asks what occurred, why are you combating. Sharad says you have got positioned our lives on stake. Veer asks what rule did we damage. Sharad says no person can come to be King before age of 30 years. Archie says we arent breaking any regulationswe’re looking to make it right. She suggests the real idol and says ‘ve belief in Lord, if you don’t agree withwe will ask Lord for an answer, if he solutions, then this Rajya Abhishek will occur, else i will additionally no longer let it appear. Archie prays and asks Lord to give them an answer in the event that they should do Veer’s Rajya Abhishek, due to the fact that villagers are scared of his wrath. everybody prays. The wind blows. flowers unfold in the air. Rajmata says its a hint from Lord. Kunika goes to add poison inside the prasad to prevent Rajya Abhishek. She provides the poison inside the kheer. fake Neeraj appears on.

Veer gets equipped. Rajmata blesses him. He says we need to do thisgiven that Archie may be right. He says you in no way did any sin, Lord will bless you. Human beings get ill after having the prasad. Sharad worries. Rajmata asks Veer to take the crown to Kaal Bhairav temple and take benefitsshe will prepare for his Rajya Abhishek. Akshay says all of us left for the temple, we must also go now. He calls someone and says Veer left for the temple. Sharad says that is Kaal Bhairav’s curse, Archie has fooled us, Veer is breaking policies and going to end up the King. The villagers agree and don’t need Veer to turn out to be the King. Veer is on the temple.

he is taking Rajmata’s advantages. He asks in which is Kunika, if she has the objection, i will forestall this, I don’t need a hassle in my family. Akshay says she stated she wants to rest within the palace. Veer is going beforehand. Sharad and all of us come to forestall Rajya Abhishek. Pandit asks Veer to pray. Sharad says you cheated us, we instructed you not to interrupt the guidelines of Lord. the man who injured Revati appears on. Sharad says we gained’t let Veer grow to be the King. Archie receives a gun and threatens to shoot them. She says I didn’t mislead you, as soon as Veer turns into the King, the entirety gets proper. Sharad says no. Rajmata asks wherein are you Veer. Archie drops the gun and goes to peer. She simply sees Veer’s sherwani lying there. She asks Neeraj wherein is Veer. She gets involved.

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