Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Archie arguing with Sharad and aiming a gun at him. fake Neeraj tells Veer that Kunika did tons incorrect by using including poison in all people’s meals, Lord will punish her. Veer receives indignant. Archie asks faux Neeraj where is Veer. She sees just his sherwani there. Kunika thinks what could have taken place there. Veer involves her. She asks how did you come back right here. He gets angry and pushes her. She shouts Veer…. and runs. She asks what took place to you. He says you introduced poison in villagers’ prasad. She asks how do you realize this. He lifts her inside the air and says you will be punished. She asks how do you know. He throws her down. She says you’re Veer, proper, who’re you. He says I m your Kaal, I’ve come to punish you. She faints. he takes her alongside. Akshay asks Neeraj where is Veer. Neeraj says I don’t understand, he disappeared, perhaps Lord took him.

Sharad says that is Kaal Bhairav’s curse, the villagers are falling unwell, its suitable that Veer was given missing. Veer grinds some poison. Kunika begs him to go away here. He says your life will get worse than demise after eating this Dhatura. She says I received do that sin once more. He asks her to consume the poison. She shouts no. Archie lighting a Diya on her hand and asks Lord to expose her some manner. She prays. The villagers receive nice via her prayers. Sharad says its a miracle of Lord. Neeraj says mum had delivered poison in Prasad, she didn’t desire Veer to end up King. They get shocked.

Kunika comes there to warn that everyone gets punished by way of Kaal Bhairav. Archie asks what took place to her, did Kunika do this. Veer comes. He says I don’t keep in mind anything, i was talking to Neeraj, what befell to Kunika, i was within the palace. Archie says don’t realize. Sharad apologizes to Archie. He says if Veer has to come to be the king, we all are with you, his Rajya Abhishek should take place. Veer is going in. all of us prays. Veer gets topped. the man appears on. He says those villagers were given geared up for Veer’s coronation, if Veer becomes a king, our plan will fail, I won’t allow this appear ever, are you equipped, Veer has to die.

Kashinath and Revati argue. He says we need to have run away from right here, I told you that a person doesn’t need the royal own family to have a king, the person who has tied us here is likewise amongst them. She asks didn’t you hold Neeraj here. He says no, I didn’t recognise approximately his lookalike. the person comes and says if Veer turns into the king, each person will be ruined. Neeraj wakes up and says Veer shouldn’t end up the king, Kashinath and Revati are useless. the man says we had killed Neeraj earlier than and were given my son here, we are finding the vintage mystery of one hundred fifty years. Neeraj says I had solved it, don’t understand how that Neeraj located me and tied me here. He is going with the person. Revati asks him to stop.

The pandit guides Veer. A saint comes and says this is poison to kill Veer. He throws the water and indicates the blue colouration. They get stunned. The saint says Archie has carried out a Jaap, you’re fortunate to get a wife like you. Veer gets topped. He turns into the king. They see a light emitting from the crown and spot a message. Archie reads the puzzle. Archie and Veer try to solve the mystery. They leave. the person and Neeraj also proceed to realize the name of the game. the person says Veer shouldn’t reach there earlier than us. Archie says Veer, we ought to give careful, the saint has come on time. Saint prays and fails the person’s try and reach there. Veer, Archie and Akshay cross to test the mysterious mystery. Veer digs the place and finds a Trishul. They get a few chests and locate Kaal Bhairav’s idol. Archie says so that is the real secret in the back of the curse.

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