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The Episode starts with Vandana worshipping the idol and the usage of her powers. Abhiram and Sudhir get bowled over seeing Vandana developing a storm and flying the items. She calls Brahmanand and tells him about the powers. He asks do you’ve got the idol. She says yes. He says come with me with the idol, none can stop us from getting its powers. She consents. She tells this to Abhiram. He says quality, come. She says you’ll live here, hold an eye on Kashinath and Revati, kill them in the event that they revolt. She takes an idol. Sudhir stops her and threatens to kill the infant. She lies to him.

He says you all are huge fraud, Vali/Bali has snatched my child and wife, you wanted to thieve this idol, don’t act clever, I know you and Archie have a few powers, I don’t recognise what you want to do this with this idol, none can snatch this from me till i am getting my wife and baby again. He asks her to pressure. Archie and Rajmata discover themselves locked. Archie asks where are we. Rajmata says I don’t recognize, i discovered you subconscious, Bali’s human beings were additionally subconscious, the goons tied us right here, Sudhir’s spouse and baby are taken away. Archie wakes up Yashpal. He feels the ache of his wound and says my might has to get treated, else I may also lose my lifestyles, we need to go away from here.

Sudhir receives Vandana to Bali’s house and affords him the idol. He says Vandana does a few black magic, the idol has powers. He offers Vandana’s locket to Bali and says i’ve seen the idol’s special powers, you can get the powers, just leave my spouse and infant, do something of this royal family. Bali says Archie danced and the haveli got shaken up. Sudhir says i have seen Vandana’s powers as properly, i have seen everything. Bali asks what powers does this idol have. Vandana thinks to reveal them her powers. He gets indignant and says you’ve got got this humans to cope with me, you’ve got stolen the idol and got them to fight me, it approach you gained’t exchange. He catches Sudhir and asks him to escape. Sudhir tries to stab him. Bali stabs Sudhir. He asks Vandana to tell him a way to get powers from idol. He captures Vandana and her baby. Sudhir falls down in pain. Kashinath says we’re tied up here, we misplaced the idol, perhaps Vandana took it alongside, forgive me Revati. Revati says no Kashinath, I have to express regret, you adore me plenty, you left your circle of relatives’s hatred for my sake, you want to save me, now I haven’t any complains with you, once we go away from here.

Abhiram is sitting outdoor. Brahmanand calls Abhiram to realize about Vandana. Abhiram says she left tons time lower back. Brahmanand asks is she dishonest me, move and discover, where did she go along with the idol, get her to me. Abhiram leaves. Bali gets Archie and every body out. He says Sudhir got you all right here to unfastened his spouse and baby. He suggests the barking canine. Archie unearths Sudhir stabbed. Bali says Sudhir gave me the idol and backstabbed you, he requested me to do something with you, observe Sudhir, he could be very egocentric, he isn’t always dependable to all people. Archie says leave him. Bali laughs and says next time might be of this individual. Archie gets shocked seeing Vandana and her child.

Bali threatens Archie and asks her to help him in the use of the idol powers. Archie says I don’t know the use of idol powers, leave her. He says you observed I m silly, i have visible the way you had shaken the haveli with the aid of your dance. She says I don’t realize something. He snatches Vandana’s child and says you have got to tell me about the idol powers. Archie says I honestly don’t know about the powers. Vandana thinks what to do, if I tell powers to Archie, she will also use it, when Archie is aware of her powers, the whole thing will get tough for me, if I don’t inform her, Bali will now not go away me and my toddler.

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